Tuesday, May 7, 2013

more blooming

 Mr. T's softball team won their tournament again this year.  They demolished the last team they played and they did so with a vengeance.   They mercilessly racked up runs because the last team they played had stomped all over us during basketball season.   So the rivalry continues...

 With softball wrapped up, we concentrated on the spring concert where all the children dress up a bit nicer and look more angelic propped on risers at the front of the sanctuary.  You'd never guess the devious things Mr. G is capable of when you see him up there singing "Spoonful of Sugar."

 Mr. B demonstrated mad dancing skills with his classmates. 
I'm not going to post pictures of Mr. T because frankly, risers full of middle school boys forced to sing under duress isn't a pretty sight.  Or sound, come to think of it.

Between games and concerts and subbing gigs, my yard is a gorgeous palette of bright green and yellow.

Everything is lush and there's a faint sweetness in the air.

At last count, I've got over a dozen varieties of daffodils blooming. 

What else? 
Jax continues to mend.
I edited a poetry collection that had me constantly referring to Webster's and even a book of Gardener's Latin (I am a stickler for everything).
And now I must find something to wear while subbing for second grade today.

So many things to share with you when I have time to sit and type--silly town politics, a wetlands update, my thoughts on China and intellectual property...  

Spill it, reader.  What's blooming in your yard?


  1. It's been raining for the last two days, making everything look incredibly lush and green. Also, the humidity has my hair looking full and lovely.

  2. The sun was shining all day, but now rain clouds have moved in. I don't mind. I am all cozy and warm inside with a herniated disk and the heater on. The pain medication is working. The two trees that I planted in honor of my kids are green and growing. That's what makes me happy.

  3. I love that green and yellow palette outside when the daffodils and forsythia are all blooming. Ours are just about done, but the phlox is showing its colors, and the lilacs are about to burst! My favorite is our little Kwanzan cherry tree.

    And yeah, middle school boys singing - they should get a pass during those years when their voices are changing.

  4. My peonies and irises are about the explode forth with a rainbow of color and I can't wait.

  5. It's a purple wonderland around here. Iris, lilac and redbud (I think that's what these trees are called) are all abloom, making me quite happy. The apple trees are covered with flowers, too. And strawberries are on their way to fruit. I love spring!

    Thank you for not posting a photo of risers full of middle school boys. It would really bring down the happiness of the post. :)

    Congrats Mr. T!

  6. Oh your yard does look pretty! It's been gloomy and raining here for days.

  7. sounds fun to be at your house!!
    we are finally blooming here too..purple and pink ad yellow...gorgeous!!!!

  8. My mind is churning through the drama in Cleveland that blasted across the news this morning. I was taken with the fellow that helped the girl escape the house. A man, likely in the margin of society, thrust into a moment of heroics. What will this 15 minutes in the spotlight do for, and to him. He falls into the category that fascinates me, those moments of grace performed by ordinary people.

  9. Your daffodils are gorgeous! I'm jealous. :)

    I've got nothing blooming yet because I live in Alberta and winter just ended for us last week.

  10. Your garden looks like an English garden in springtime! All my daffodils are gone now, there's a bit of colour but mostly it's full of bats & balls!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog x

  11. I would love to spill it. Home shooling all my kids is making time for writing harder and harder. But what is blooming? Bleeding heart, Columbine, honeysuckle. Spring breathes of hope and promise.

  12. Laughing over your comment about middle school boys. I have a photo of my youngest boy's band concert (correction, I *had* a photo...) but some things were better left unposted.
    Columbine and tulips are blooming in my garden (darn daffodils didn't produce anything beyond green stalks) but the really wonderful flowers are blooming in the park behind my house. I just posted photos this afternoon.

  13. 'You'd never guess the devious things Mr. G is capable of when you see him up there singing "Spoonful of Sugar."' Oh, that made me laugh! I have some roses and snapdragons blooming. 3 out of 4 tomato plants have survived. I don't know what happened to #4 -- it got the same treatment as the others.


Spill it, reader.