Friday, May 3, 2013


Almost, anyway.  Jax pees and poops just fine, but mostly naps on his bed between taking his medicine and little walks.

We're swamped with practices, games and weird weather this weekend.  I have a master schedule to keep everyone straight and I fear we're eating too many sandwiches on the run.  Even eliminating karate from our schedule (temporarily) doesn't seem to help much.  There's still homework to squeeze in between all the track/baseball/softball.

I'm subbing a LOT, which happens in the spring.  Yesterday they held a communion celebration for Mr. G's classmates (2nd grade--it's a big deal).  He didn't participate in mass (I let the boys skip liturgy and we went out for breakfast instead), but when we arrived at school the cafeteria was all decked out and they had a table for each member of the class with cards and balloons.  The whole school plus parents and grandparents enjoyed muffins, cream puffs, juice and coffee.  Mr. T, Mr. B and I toasted Mr. G for "doing absolutely nothing."  And we congratulated all the first communicants in their fancy clothes.  It is terribly sweet how the school goes out of their way to include us even when we're different.  We are all family and they practice that belief all the time.

Does anyone out there own a greenhouse?  Tell me all about it.  After much research, I'm looking at installing this:

Spill it, reader.  Any greenhouse advice/stories you've got to share.  I'm all ears.


  1. I remember my first communion, it was a big deal. My mother made me a velvet dress and my grandmother sewed a matching hat. And the weather was gorgeous that day. Funny what sticks in your memory.

    That is one beautiful greenhouse you picked out. You've seen mine. Ryan just installed a fan in there because it gets hot very quickly. That's about all I can tell you.

  2. I want a greenhouse. My sunroom, while it's all glass and might seem like a nice greenhouse space, is not airtight enough to keep plants from freezing to death. I aspire to one someday.

  3. That looks gorgeous --does it have a wood-burning stove in one corner? Will it survive general storms and hail?

    The only greenhouse I've ever had is a plastic one, and the wind blew it over too easily. We get amazing winds here.

  4. ah, First Communion, white dress, veil, gloves.
    Last fall was the first use for our hoop house. It is not a green house, but functions similarly. We have some ideas of how to improve for this year, but hint and tips, I don't have enough experience to give any. I know you check my blog on occasion, so if you don't remember the hoop house, click on hoop house in the tag cloud to search for those posts.

  5. Wow! Now that's a greenhouse! I just have my little shelves with the clear plastic cover. It's doing the job.

  6. First Communion is a big deal...congrats to Mr. G.
    As for that greenhouse, it's gorgeous and you are wise to go big.
    I always wanted one. Now I've aged, my bones say no...
    Now I want a sunroom.

  7. I have no experience with greenhouses. I did used to have a sunroom which had all French doors but it got cold there in the wintertime. I don't know if you want something more insulated. I would definitely get the one you showed on the photo, it looks lovely.

  8. You remember this ...
    I've already planted!

    I love your normal. We've also got too much to do. Luckily, I always fit relaxing in... :)

  9. I love that you toasted Mr. G for "doing absolutely nothing" and still celebrated with the others. That sounds like a great group you've got there.
    My husband is the gardener. No greenhouse, although he did build a cold frame this spring.

  10. "I fear we're eating too many sandwiches" just struck me as really funny, like the sandwiches will unionize and you will be in big trouble.

    I hope the crazy settles down and you get to eat a decent, non-bread-based meal once in a while!

  11. the crock pot sometimes works for those late nights..
    I tried to make a green house once as a science experiment...hahahahaha..i am not a scientist. I now use the window sill and my garden. good luck with that adventure...have fun!!


Spill it, reader.