Tuesday, May 28, 2013

pretty things!

As previously mentioned, I've been subbing full-time for weeks now.  Consequently, I splurged on pretty things, because my dad taught me "save half, spend half."  I actually saved more than half because of this garden fence I want to build, but I did manage to find some pretty things, too.  Behold:

 New cereal bowls by Gary Rith!  Mr. B loves sharks, Mr. G loves gators and I love all of the above.

Could these predators be any cuter?

Modcloth stripes.  This dress looks horrid all flattened out on the couch like that.  I imagine that's how I'd look if I got run over by a steamroller wearing that dress.  But it's a seriously cute dress ON me.

Seems I'm into brown these days.  It's my new black.  Or grey.  Or whatever.  Anyway, brown and stripes from Title Nine.

And this luscious brown wool sweater on clearance to boot!  (Again, looks much better on me than on my couch.)

That Gary Rith makes mugs, too.  Froggy kinds of mugs.

One pair of new summer shoes for a woman with flat feet.  I. Love. Them.

Back off, Jen!  I found it first on Etsy and it's MINE!

My very favorite kinds of soap so now I smell good, too.

I got new glass for the patio table and the planter we scored at the auction this winter arrived.  Not out of my paychecks, but pretty and I'm so pleased with how it looks in that spot.

And another pair of shoes for my wide, flat feet.

Stripey and brown and flat and smelling sweet. Spill it, reader.  What's one (or more!) pretty thing you've gotten for yourself lately?


  1. Look at all that fun stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate shopping but am a little jealous!

  2. hey, that is ME! thank you sooooo much for shopping with me and the mention! shoes match the mug well, hmmm? :)

  3. Your purchases are terrific! I'm a big fan of everything and not just that cutie patootie bag. :-)

  4. Wow, great finds. Those bowls are so cute.

  5. Good shopping! I'm spending money on travel so I'm holding off on the little things.

  6. Great stuff! That soap looks delicious!

    I made a "quick" stop at Ikea on the way home from Chicago last week. I bought a pretty spring green throw blanket and a white ceramic-coated pitcher that will be filled with fresh flowers after I visit the farmers' market this weekend. The throw is so pretty that it almost makes me wish for weather cool enough to use it...but not quite!

  7. I want every last thing you've scored! The dishes are so whimsical and delightful...the clothes completely up my alley (swoon: Title IX)...and, well, happy sigh for you. Well subbed.

  8. Tatting Thread! and 2 more books of patterns.

  9. Nothing like some new duds to make everything feel better. I love brown too!!!

  10. I splurged on a couple of Gary's mugs too --they are fabulous! I can just imagine how much those boys like those bowls!

    I haven't splurged on anything for myself (unless you count the new hip :-), but Emma also has flat feet, and has needed some fun-but-good quality support in summer shoes --definitely counts as a splurge and I'm hoping her feet don't grow too much in the next two years!

  11. I finally broke down and splurged on a new bathing suit. I realized I haven't bought one in at least a decade - it's time.

  12. I love that last pair of shoes! I have a real problem with finding shoes that I can walk the two miles to and from work and not look like a total dork in my work clothes. I don't want to be one of those women in sneakers and a pencil skirt.

  13. A frog mug? Lola will be so jealous!

  14. LOVE the new dishes! And some great finds on the clothes too!
    Another way to share the clothes you got, and I know this may sound crazy....is to actually put them on and then have a photo taken wearing them...just an idea. :)

    I have been trying to save money as much as possible lately so I have gotten nothing pretty - but I'm going to Asia for work soon and have great plans to get lots of pretty things while there!


Spill it, reader.