Sunday, May 19, 2013

The storms will roll in tonight and between the random things like baseball practice and a pinball machine tune up, I pulled all kinds of muscles trying to get too much done outside.  But then the soft light of evening pulled me upright--why not walk around and enjoy all the pretty tonight?  Mr. G and headed off into the field together.

 The tulips are a nice spot of color right now.

 Crabapple trees

and lilacs just about to burst.
 Look at Mr. G!  (he's a bit of a demanding sort, but we do love him)

Oh!  I mentioned that Team Testosterone is digging holes.  Something to do with gophers or zombie apocalypses or some such thing.

They haven't reached China, nor have they found diamonds yet.  That hole is almost 5 feet deep.  When Mr. T jumps inside, I cannot see him AT ALL.  I've no idea how they got it so deep.  Nor did I know they could work so industriously, this same trio that cannot flip off a light switch, flush a toilet or close dresser drawers.  Perhaps having a tool in hand makes all the difference.  I should've given them shovels a long time ago.

Mr. G can do front flips!  Look!

Tilled and just planted with squash-y things.

The very last of the dandelions in the white garden on the northeast corner of our house.  This spot is so protected, yet the last to bloom.

Pear blossoms!

See that dog?  That lucky dog?  He's just FINE now.

My most show-offy, blowsy, extravagant tulips are by the front door.

A strange bush or tree blooming in our field.  

Mr. G leads us home.

The prairie is green mostly.

One last jump around before turning in for the night.

And I'll ignore the bits and ends and little jobs until another day.  I'm off to close windows now.

Spill it, reader.  Did you overexert yourself this weekend like I did?  Or are you smarter than me?


  1. Like crazy...volunteering at the SCBWI Spring conference....

    Tired...but it was fun :D

  2. An easy Sunday. Went to the theater and saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, fixed a tire with a nail in it, lunch at Firehouse Subs and two walks with Logan. It was a lovely day.

  3. Spring is beautiful at your place! Looks like the perfect night for a walkaround.
    I didn't overexert myself at all. Didn't get anything done thanks to the soccer state cup.

  4. Blooming trees are so fun to wonder what they are !~! It's been a lovely weekend. Slow, quiet, peaceful...

  5. There was a wee bit of over-exhertion for the weekend... even though it was a four-day long weekend here! Windows washed, backyard spring cleaned, laundry and ironing up to date and most of the floors done. Other tasks too trivial to mention but we did manage to squeeze in a movie (Star Trek) and Mad Men, of course. There are no blossoms on the trees up here yet and no sign of tulips so I shall live vicariously through your blog!

  6. I did not do anything special to take advantage of the fact that it is a holiday. As is usual, I walked the dog 3 times a day and did some chores. It is raining all day today, so a good reason to huddle inside.

    You sure have much beauty around you and also lots of space. I am glad to hear that your dog is alright.

  7. Funny you mention it: I was so flippin' busy Saturday all day and Sunday morning that when I got to slacking with my neighbors it felt good to NOT be working on the to do list for awhile :) LOVE your awesome outdoor pics!

  8. Very impressive holes. Perhaps one day it will be a nice trench.

    I've been sore from outside work too lately.

  9. Your gardens look beautiful.

    I've been working in mine nearly every day, even if only for a few minutes at a time. Yesterday, I took advantage of the previous day's heavy rain to get out there and yank out some stubborn weeds and then get some mulch down.

  10. That is one serious hole! Love your tulips!

  11. That hole is amazing. Have they read the book? Holes by Louis Sachar. yes, I know it was a movie, but it was a book first.

    I love seeing all the spring colors and spring front flips.

  12. Look at all that beautiful spring color! And that hole... impressive! We can't dig deeper than a foot around here.
    I overdid it on Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon napping.

  13. Beautiful! I saw a little of the prairie when I had to go to Wisconsin for work. I prefer it to being hunkered down among the trees like we are in Virginia. I wonder what your mystery shrub is.


Spill it, reader.