Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Certain things always charm me:

Seeing a Dairy Queen with only walk-up window service.

Little girls wearing cardigan sweaters--especially if they're pale pink or white.

Older couples holding hands.

Those little chalkboard signs outside restaurants.


Wicker baskets on bicycles.

Exposed interior brick walls.

The sound of a cello.

Little kids gifting bouquets of dandelions. 

Porch swings.

Window boxes.

Spill it, reader.  What always charms you?


  1. I could add so many things to your list, but why guild the most perfect lily? I whole heartily agree with each of these charming things that never fail to make me smile.

  2. Your list is perfect. I have wonderful memories of taking Sunday drives out in the country while I was a kid, and they always ended in a tiny town with a Dairy Queen. Walk-up only. With four kids, it's fairly common to experience quite a bit of strife, but those Sunday afternoons were always mellow.

  3. Raspberries, free for the picking, just growing by the side of the road, found when you are biking out of the city and into the countryside.

  4. A lot of the same things that charm you also charm me. Add to that:

    Lacey ankle socks on little girls wearing cardigans.

    Daddies cuddling or comforting their babies/little children.

    Teen boys and young men treating an older person with respect.

  5. I love that sign. Perfect.

    Most of that list charm me as well. Perfectly sunny days, lazy afternoons in our front yard or anywhere really for that matter. Summer.
    All of summer charms me, even the obnoxiously hot days.

  6. Seeing a grown man walking a tiny dog that obviously belongs to his wife.

  7. Oh, I LOVE the cello! Kittens have a way of charming me. And can you believe it, but I've NEVER seen a firefly! Sad, huh? Didn't have them in CA and don't have them in MT either. They seem like they'd be charming.

  8. Haha, the worst sandwich according to one guy on yelp, GOOD one! Charmed? My wee dog warming her self on me :)

  9. Children in hats. Young men in suits and ties. Flower pots. Restauranteurs with a sense of humor!

  10. He-he ...I have that exact wicker basket on my bike ;D

  11. Lol that sign cracks me up!

    The smell of honeysuckle charms me.

  12. Fascinating list. I enjoyed it. And your rant on the selfishg and narrow minded home school mother. The public good is becoming a lost concept. Public education was the foundation of democracy in this country.

  13. Definitely a cello -- and particularly if it is being played by Zuill Bailey (Google him)
    Welcoming front porches
    Plus everything on your list!

    Where did you find that DQ?

  14. Those are all SO charming. :)

    A big brother getting out of class to come downstairs and watch his little brother's kindergarten graduation.

    Kids hugging each other goodbye on the last day of school.

    Pictures of daddies holding their newborn.

    Very good manners, without being prompted, from small children.

    Aprons. Any kind.

    Baby bonnets.

  15. Oh, I love the meatball sandwich sign!! Sweating glasses -- tea, lemonade, adult drink -- on a porch in the summer; a very young person getting up for an elder on the bus or subway; toddlers doing just about anything in the right outdoor light : -).

  16. So many blogs charm me................ones like this blog.............little girls dressed all pretty like are charming as well.........

  17. Tiny babies curled up asleep and cottage gardens in flower. Love the restaurant sign, it's made me laugh!
    And thank you so much for all your advice on the rosacea problem, it has improved a bit this week. x

  18. I'm thinking instead of places you can find most of these - and downtown Appleburg is one of those places. The chalkboard, the exposed brick walls, and occasionally (when Lawrence is in session) a cellist practicing outside.

  19. These same things charm me as well. They just make the corners of my mouth automatically curve up into a smile. Love your photos!!!

  20. receiving a bouquet of flowers...for no reason at all

    cats, playing...with themselves or with me

    real, actual antiques...older than 1950; and things from times-gone-by


    very well-mannered, articulate children

    ancient people still in love

    baby wild animals

    when people hold the door open for me

    vintage salt-and-pepper shakers

    very good cursive handwriting

    actual, physical, personal mail

    when my man (frequently) offers his arm to me when we are walking, in the manner of a classic gentleman.


Spill it, reader.