Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So, this summer we're hiring the last boy to help out around Chez Green Girl.  Here's the trade-off:  Mr. D pays a ballplayer to do everything I want done around here and then I don't nag him, I nag this kid.  I'm going to call this year's player "Ace" because I can't believe I haven't employed that name yet. I have a pile of chores ready for him and I heard through the grapevine he wants to start on Thursday which means a trip to the hardware store is in my short-term future.  I'll go to Ace Hardware because that seems fitting.  "Ace" is kind of an ornery kid, but funny.  He's a fast runner, great outfielder and splendid hitter.  He's also the youngest of his clan, so Mr. D fears I'll have to be rather strict with him.  

I'd like to publicly apologize to Emma Stone for doubting her.  I really thought The Croods would suck.  I had very low expectations.  Shame on me.  Emma's so cool, how could I think she'd pull a Cuba Gooding Jr.?  Of course she's better than that, and The Croods didn't disappoint--it was pretty imaginative and inspired, actually.

I finished planting at last--what a job!  Today it rains, so my timing is impeccable.  I also have a good view of the bottom of the deep end in the pool today, which is always cause for celebration in the spring.

Few things are more pleasant than the sounds of springtime--birds and frogs--a chorus of good sounds.  I could live somewhere that always had these sounds and fine weather...what would the trade-off be?  I bet I could live with it.

In other news, Mr. G's tournament team took 3rd place last weekend.  Mr. G missed the second day of play as we had to leave town for a family graduation.  His team took 1st in the Slushie Drinking Contest, which, according to one dad, meant more to the kids anyway.  Both Mr. G and Mr. B have tournaments this weekend, so I'll have a good case of bleacher butt by Sunday afternoon.

It's been over 30 days since Team Testosterone and I last stepped through the doors of the dojo.  Something had to go, and it was karate.  Hopefully we'll make it back this week for one class.  Baby steps.  And I have to set up a system for Team Testosterone's productivity.  They are inclined to be lazy, so I've decided this summer they will earn the chance to do our bucket list items by working for Mom Bucks.  I wish I had kids who inherently had a spirit of working together and appreciated the better things in life, but no, mine only work when bribed somehow and believe they are entitled to the better things in life by virtue of their mere existence.  I wish I could just surprise them with fun things and they'd feel happy about it and then pitch in willingly when called upon, but they aren't wired that way.  Or maybe I've spoiled them to expect nothing less.  Anyway, the system here is broken and I don't want happy kids, I want productive, good-hearted, generous and helpful kids.  I'd like them to be more grateful for what they have, too, so Mom Bucks for chores that earn Bucket List field trips it is. 

And we have to get them signed up at the library for summer reading program.

We're going to ace this summer vacation, I know it.

Spill it, reader.  What's your ace in the hole?


  1. I have my version of mom bucks here too. Hope Ace does a good job.

  2. Whoa --do kids actually come in that "glad to help" variety?! I mean, they're usually happy to help when it suits them, but getting them to do things on someone elses schedule seems to always be an uphill battle! Mom Bucks sounds like a good idea. And really, isn't bribery the best type of parenting? :-)

  3. Okay, I just had to tell you, the first security word was "cervical". Isn't that weird?

  4. Lol, I think our hole just blew up...so...beer, lots of beer is my only answer!

  5. You're the second person I've heard say she liked the Croods movie. I guess I'll have to look into it.
    Around here, the kids are given their chore(s) for the day, and when it is done, they have the rest of the day to play. We may go somewhere, we may not. Probably will, though. I love a good field trip!

  6. We are incredibly lazy and structureless around here during the summer. Lazy days by the pool, the lake, the river, the beach....lots of books (but we never manage to actually participate in the library summer reading program). I have to get Edie bored enough to want to go to sleepaway camp for three weeks, so the less structure, the better.

  7. I'm going to need some details on Mom Bucks, especially since I want my girls to earn a pretty major bucket list item.

    My ace in the hole this summer is summer school -- one girl will be in class for five weeks and the other one will be in for three, but will then leave for two weeks for an extended visit with an aunt. I don't think anyone's going to complain about boredom.

  8. ace in the hole............NOPE, just bumbling along, per usual :) tres amusing, the stories around your place though! and, we demand pics!

  9. I tried Mom Bucks when they were young - 10ish? I called it The Bank of Mom and when they helped out I would add $ to a spreadsheet. They when they wanted Lego or something I would deduct the cost. Now they just don't want very much, or else it's hugely expensive! (Cars, bikes, travel, etc.)

  10. Last summer with kids at home...lots of hanging out and savoring these last two months.

  11. I have found that kids are more helpful in a voluntary state after they reach 18 or 19 years of age. Until then, I believe in using every tool at your disposal!
    My ace in the hole this summer will be the two days each week when I escape to work. Like you, I am surrounded by testosterone and sometimes it's easier for me to run away than to stay in place.

  12. I call in the family...the BILs, nephews, whoever...

  13. "I could live somewhere that always had these sounds and fine weather...what would the trade-off be? I bet I could live with it."

    Yes, you could. After way too many years in the cold, I've adjusted to warmth year round just fine. Except now, if it is not 80, I need a sweater.

    My Ace way back when - swimming holes. Tried to find a different one several times a week. (And the library - had to have that.)


Spill it, reader.