Thursday, June 6, 2013


Three days of steady drizzle and it's GLOWING outside--the trees, the plants, the lawn, everything is humming a bright and deep shade of green.  Good weather for ducks and frogs, but not for me.
I sat here yesterday working on my laptop and through the window watched Jax mosey over to the edge of the porch where I've begun digging out an acre or so of invasive mint.  Getting rid of the mint gives other herbs room to grow, and I'm filling in the gaps with some cosmos.  Well, good ol' Jax started to DIG and there went the cosmos and dirt flying all over the wet driveway.  What a mess!  He gave me the canine equivalent of a shrug when I banged on the window and yelled "Bad dog!" before trotting away to pee on some daisies.

 Who? I don't see any dog around here.

What dirt all over the driveway?

That's looking better.

Hands down, one of my favorite spots.

I've got BIG plans for the back gardens just as soon as I finish that trench by the driveway, and yes, those plans also involve getting rid of another acre of mint.  Thanks to my aunt and uncle, I've got access to free plants to fill the gap.  I'm a lucky, lucky gal.

Day 1 of summer vacation and we've got a doctor appointment, soccer, baseball and reading on the docket.  Our first trip to the public library yesterday afternoon was a success--all four of us walked out with something we looked forward to reading all week.

Thank you for the encouraging words on my MS yesterday--you've no idea how I treasure the complements.  That's the stuff that keeps a girl's fingers moving across her keyboard and slogging away at such a daunting task as writing a novel.


  1. welllllllll, that is one amazing garden and yard AND sweet pup :)

  2. Oh, beautiful pictures. I so wish I could get into gardening and planting. I am the ONLY person in our neighborhood who doesn't seem to do it. Even my husband does it. I suck.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog faithfully, too. I've been such a slacker with visiting everyone's blogs. Now that we're done with school for the summer I hope to catch up on everyone again. :)

  3. What a beautiful yard you have.
    Our dogs always find the places I've just planted to be the most excellent places to stay cool. Out go the plants, in go the dogs. I've stopped trying. When they die, I will have pretty landscaping.

  4. Gorgeous! Are those lupines starting in that first picture? I have so far been unsuccessful with those, but I love them!

    We are very green and rainy here too, and it's such a contrast with last summer's drought --it just amazes me how well all the plants are doing.

  5. I miss green. We're into the brown season already.

  6. Your gardens are gorgeous. And what I would give for a free plant hookup! You are a lucky, lucky girl. ;)

  7. Lush comes to mind. Your yard looks very lush.
    While this rain is kind of a pain in the butt it really does make everything look lovely.
    AN ACRE of mint????? CRIPES!

  8. Dying at the captions for your naughty dog.


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