Friday, June 21, 2013

we interrupt this conversation about the zombie apocalypse

to tell you Green Girl is heading out of town.  That's right.  Leaving all this mud tracks and water balloon fighting and baseball playing and nonstop demand for Nutella sandwiches.  I'm dusting the testosterone off of my heels and flying to one of my very favorite places in the world:
The Briary. 

And there, at The Briary, I'll drink wine and eat cheese and talk about books and movies and writing without ever once hearing words like "when the zombie apocalypse happens" or "sniper rifle" or "catch the ball" or "hang up your wet towels."  The Screw Iowa Writers Workshop will convene and I'll be in that sweet spot of friendship and nurturing, creativity and caring with four of my favorite fellow writers.  Right there on the porch overlooking the Pungo River.

I'm going to sleep alone and sleep late after staying up too long to giggle over tea and ice cream. 
I'm going to take long walks and talk.
I'm going to watch movies and talk.
I'm going to eat meals fit for royalty and talk.
I'm going to plot, edit, revise, tweak and reformat.
I'm going to get an earful about my manuscript and walk through line edits on everyone else's work.
I'm going to use bathrooms that don't require pre-flushing or seat-wiping.

Jealous yet?
See you next week!


  1. Have a GREAT time! Please hug M and M for me.

  2. YES I am totally jealous! Have fun :-)

  3. Sounds wonderful and productive for your writing - have a great time :-)

  4. Sounds magnificent! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  5. Bathrooms that don't need pre-flushing or seat-wiping? Where is this place.....?

  6. Have a really great time being a girl

  7. That sounds like a GREAT trip. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Have a wonderful and productive trip!

  9. Very jealous. But so, so happy that you are off for such a rejuvenating, productive, happy time!

  10. Hope you have a great time. But I enjoyed the zombie apocalypse this weekend - In World War Z :D

  11. Yes. I'm jealous. It sounds divine! I hope you had an amazing time!


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