Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's a soggy day, but I'm thankful for the calm.  We've been hitting the strawberry harvest, weed picking, housekeeping and baseball schedule hard lately.  Team Testosterone did a massive room swap, which led to lots of extra cleaning and a major haul to the thrift shop.  Mr. T leaves for Boy Scout camp on Saturday, so we've had to buy hiking boots and replace his sleeping bag, stock up on bug spray and flashlight batteries.  Go, go, go, go, go.  It's nice to sit in a quiet house and hear nothing besides my fingers on this keyboard for an hour.

I'm thankful for this quiet time, punctuated by birds calling to each other.

I also like the grinding sound of frogs lulling me to sleep at night.

I love summer weather, the only barrier between me and the great outdoors is a window screen.  This time of year there's little distinction between inside and out--my house functions like a screen tent, a view and noise and fresh air coming at us from every room.

I'm happy to be barefoot except for when I slide on flip-flops to go grocery shopping.

My new favorite book ever is Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.  It's genius.  It's hilarious.  It's scathing and sharp and brilliant and awesome.  I'm so glad I found it at the public library.  Go read it.  Here's an excerpt:
“I’ve been thinking about that book about the boys who crash on an island,” Mary Lou said to Adina one afternoon as they rested on their elbows taking bites from the same papaya.

“Lord of the Flies. What about it?”

You know how you said it wasn’t a true measure of humanity because there were no girls and you wondered how it would be different if there had been girls?”


“Maybe girls need an island to find themselves. Maybe they need a place where no one’s watching them so they can be who they really are.”

There was something about the island that made the girls forget who they had been. All those rules and shalt nots. They were no longer waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing. Waiting. Hoping.

They were becoming.

They were.”

Here's another one:   “I've had so many bikini waxes, I cry every time I see a Popsicle stick.”

I need to read more by this author.

I'm grateful for swimming, fireflies, strawberries, delphiniums, pizza delivery, my neighbor gal being home for the summer, the hammock on our front porch and kids who haven't been bored yet this summer vacation.  I'm super-thankful for Mr. B, my "reluctant reader" asking me to read another chapter out of The Cavendish School for Boys and Girls before bed last night.

Spill it, reader.  What's making you thankful today?


  1. i'm thankful the weather here in missouri hasn't been super hot this week! also that i and my family are in good health!

  2. I'm thankful that the temps haven't hit the upper 90s yet.

    I'm thankful that we have a long weekend before us.

    I'm thankful that my older girl has survived summer PE and is D-O-N-E.

  3. Thankful the dining room is DONE.

  4. I love books that make me laugh and feel good, as much as I love books that make me cry....and feel good..........I don't wear shoes when I am at home in winter I wear two pairs of socks and in summer I go barefoot.....

  5. thankful for??? good humor, relaxed schedule, good work, good wife, good food :)

  6. I've heard that's a great book. I should check it out sometime. I'm thankful my knee is getting better. I hate getting hurt. Sounds like you're having a great summer. Now only if these fireworks would stop ...

  7. I'm thankful for a new book suggestion (from you!) and that our temps began cooling down after Tuesday. I posted the G-words yesterday.

  8. Ooh - thanks for the book recommendation!

    Here, I'm thankful for air conditioning. It's totally not as authentic as having the hot summer air blow through the screens, but it's kind of saving my sanity as we approach the high 90s. Ugh.

  9. I'm thankful today that last night I read exactly the scene in BEAUTY QUEENS that you relate here. That was good stuff, that scene.


Spill it, reader.