Monday, July 22, 2013

got milk?

We had winners and losers here this weekend.  Mr. B's baseball team took a beating, but that kid of mine hit the ball every time he got up to the plate.  He is a hitter.  Mr. G's baseball team took third at their tournament and he got his first ever home run thanks to an outfield error.  They'd have won the tournament if they'd been awake for their first game, but alas!  They didn't until their second game, and from that point on played like a well-oiled machine.  Mr T's soccer team took last place in their tournament, which does not reflect their season at ALL.  He grumped a bit and took solace back at home with his ipod.  My mom and I drove hither, thither and yon, finally returning home close to 10:00 Saturday night.  I ached from the length of time I sat on bleachers.

Fortunately, ice cream goes a long way in soothing the pain of losing.  It also celebrates home run hits, summertime and dad coming home from a weekend of golf. 

We spent Sunday going to church, riding 4-wheelers, swimming, picking in the garden and grilling.  I made a first batch of raspberry jam and it didn't set up.  That has never happened to me before.  I tipped those jars And then?  One of the lids didn't seal. 

I poked at that lid and it popped back at me each time.  Nothing for it except to open it up and dollop some jammy sauce on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Milk.  It does a body good.  Especially when frozen with sugar.


  1. I'm glad your kids know how to be winners and losers both. The road to a happy life isn't always defined by coming in first all the time.

    Now you have me hungry for ice cream with some homemade jam on it. I can already taste it.

    Did your mom have a sore bottom from sitting on those bleachers too?

  2. I have always had the hardest time with my jams setting up. Thankfully, it makes wonderful ice cream sauce. Good on pancakes too.

    I had a jar of pickled peaches that didn't seal in last week's demo- which Edie was more than happy to take care of for me before she left for camp.

  3. Raspberry jam on ice cream sounds really delicious!

  4. Raspberry jam on vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite treats!
    Did you know that Sunday was National Ice Cream Day?

  5. LOVE that frozen milk ;D especially with syrup on it . . . even if it was supposed to be jam

  6. My oldest had his last baseball game last night and they got beat pretty good. I believe they game in last in the tournament but he made good plays and had a great attitude so we are SO PLEASED. Middle child has his last baseball game on Thursday night. It is kind of bittersweet having baseball end but it will be nice to have our evenings free once again.

    Mmmm. Ice cream. :)


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