Monday, July 8, 2013

lazy days

It's that sweaty time of year when my skin prickles, my hair gets big and the mosquitoes attack with a vengeance at dusk.  I cannot despise it  because I live in a bitterly cold place for too much of the year.  I'm happy to overheat.  I embrace the humidity.  And scratch the bug bites.

 Last night it was 86 degrees inside our house and we sat with windows wide open and ceiling fan spinning.  We'd spent a lazy weekend grilling and swimming and riding bikes.  Doing chores in muggy weather feels like moving through jello, so I ignored the laundry and dirty floors and broke open a jigsaw puzzle while the boys watched a movie about pirates.

We knew a storm would bring a cool breeze and bust up the humidity.  Sure enough, the thunderstorms blew through in the middle of the night, swamping through our window screens and drenching the ground.  I lay on the couch and felt thankful for how lovely 72 degrees feels after 86 degrees.

The lightning was amazing and the trees demonstrated the force of the wind.  We suffered no damage, though.  This morning the yard is a glowing green thanks to the rainfall.

Raspberry season is about to start.  And soon we'll have peas, beans, peppers and zucchini.

Every spot has something blooming right now--daisies, lilies, early coneflowers, astilbe, balloon flowers, catmint, delphiniums, clematis...

I dug out most of the mint growing along the side of our driveway and it's a gazillion times prettier now.
When the ground dries out I should spray myself with OFF and check out the prairie and the wetlands.

It's July, that season when I'm conflicted about when to take a shower.  Take it first thing to freshen up and I'm sweaty by ten when I've finished pulling weeds and picking vegetables.  A total waste of soap and water.  Take it midday, and I'm sweaty and smelling of bug spray when it's bed time.  Take it before bed and I wake up with really goofy hair the next day.  


It's wisest (and laziest) to shower in the morning and use the swimming pool to repair the damages.  I emerge refreshed and smelling neutral because we have a saltwater system.  Never would have imagined I'd spend my summer days as a grown up the same way I did as a kid--in a swimsuit all the time.  Not in my wildest dreams.  What a lucky life--swimsuit on under my shorts, no make up, bare feet, dirt under my fingernails and no compelling reason to change today.

And fresh flowers for the table all the time.  Blessed and lucky, I tell you. 


  1. As much fun as there is to be had in the summer, I still much prefer the crisp cool days of fall. Even winter's cold air is preferable to week after week of 90+ temps and sauna-like humidity.

  2. Ponytail - that's my fix for the funky hair after the shower before bedtime. Also, I like to wash off the sunscreen after a day at the pool.

    I do love summer. We've had a fabulous one this year too - it's really yet to get above the low to mid 90's. Last night was down right chilly. Not to shabby for July.

  3. Woo hoo!

    I have the same when-to-bathe conundrum. I've settled on before bed, with my hair pulled up so as to somewhat ward off the funky hair. It doesn't always work. However, I think the pool option is the very best!

  4. Your garden looks amazing!

    I hate the big hair syndrome when the humidity hits.

  5. I have the flat hair syndrome when the humidity gets bad --but the solution is the same: pull it all back and up. Yesterday I mowed, then got in the pool to cool and clean off. I shower in the morning and clean off in the pool, Rob showers in the evening before bed. Emma will only shower if I force her. :-)

    I am loving these summer days too, but I know the pool makes all the difference for me. I was in and out several times yesterday, and that makes the heat and humidity easy to deal with.

    What gorgeous gardens!

  6. It's been raining non-stop here in the Sunny South, so you would be DYIN' from big hair. Me, I get flat hair.

    Your yard look lush! Love the new banner.

  7. I'm with you! I'm as grungy as can be, and it's okay. We're not having problems with mosquitoes yet - yet. Raspberries are finally, finally really producing fruit. There is nothing better than a fresh raspberry: nothing. As for the mint - good luck! It took me a box of 20 mule team Borax and a layer of corrugated cardboard to finally dispose of the mint. The area now hosts a rock garden.

  8. Ooo. Your life sounds dreamy. I'd love a good thunderstorm. And your gardens are just amazing! I love your attitude of gratitude!

  9. I'm left feeling that if we had a pool, and if I lived in WI, we'd be the same person. I'm the Duluth version of you, right down to hacking out heaps of mint and still having crazy amounts.

  10. That definitely sounds blessed and lucky. Love it. :)
    I'll take the heat and humidity too, and I won't complain. :)

  11. Very blessed and very lucky!

    I'd go for a shower after supper and dips in the pool the rest of the time. :)


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