Thursday, July 25, 2013

little things

We'd picked the raspberries and I started to smush them for jam when I realized I was short 2 cups of fruit.  I checked the berry patch and then the fridge where I found cherries.  Hm.  A little study of cherry jam compared to raspberry jam recipes revealed that they called for different amounts of sugar.  I figured if I met the ratio in the middle we might be okay.  I held my breath--it hasn't been a banner year for jamming success. 

Let me tell you, raspberry-cherry jam is wonderful.  Much superior to plain raspberry jam with that bit of tartness added and I will make it again.  Plus it set up beautifully.

Mr. B enjoyed a win in his final league game of the season.  Tonight Mr. B wraps up his league season and we end tournament baseball this weekend.  I raise my Sundrop slushie to the coaches who have made this summer possible.  (Heck, I'll include myself, bookkeeper, dugout manager and general Girl Friday on league nights.)

The shed project continues to dominate the front yard view:

I prudently didn't take any pictures of bare-chested men because I don't write that kind of blog.  Trust me, there are many bare-chested men crawling all over the place these days.

More positive reinforcement on the writing front.  Someone saw this post and contacted me about republishing it.  This conversation also led to a possible freelance position writing for a magazine and some excellent publicity for the novel I've yet to get published.  If the published excerpt is well-received, I might skip shopping it around altogether and independently publish the book.  I'll keep you posted.

We've got kids snapping beans like nobody's business here.  It's one of the very few chores I don't need to beg/coerce/threaten them to do

The pear trees are heavy with fruit and black eyed susans have started to bloom.

The prairie is so bright it dazzles me.  I hear crickets all the time, one of summer's best sounds. 

There you go--I'm submerged in a garden and children and writing and construction trucks. 

Spill it, reader.  What surrounds you these days?


  1. Happy Happy News on the writing front! Congrats!

  2. Raspberry-cherry sounds delicious!

  3. I've totally combined fruits when short on one for jamming. It always works out well! :) Well, we just sold our home with tons of fruits and fruit trees. I'm relieved big time to have less yard work, but will miss the produce!

  4. Oh, the jam looks wonderful! I've been wanting to get out and do some huckleberry picking lately. Haven't had the chance yet, but soon, I hope.

  5. Bravo on the jam, and on the sports schedule! I'm afraid I don't understand the shed project. Is this something you are having put up on your own property (which, seems to me, would give you every right to give us photos of muscular bare-chested men) or is it next to your property, being put up by someone else?

    I'm surrounded by beautiful sunshine, quiet in the house, and paid work. :-) I'm trying to be positive, because I'm also surrounded by vertigo (inside my head) and weeds (outside in the yard). :-(

  6. raspberry cherry jam sounds like EXCELLENT taken to eleven!

  7. I think cherry-raspberry jam is brilliant! I would love to try making some, but I think the local raspberries are finished in this area.

  8. We are surrounded with a quiet summer. Logan stayed in Austin all summer so I'm working through a stack of favorite books on a re-read jaunt. Still sewing but between projects and our vacation to your neck of the woods is just ahead. My folks haven't said much about the black raspberries around their place but your jam has me thinking I need to inquire. :)

  9. I note that you skipped pictures of bare-chested men and instead took a picture of the porta-potty.
    I'm surrounded by laundry baskets that need to be emptied and contents folded. Across from where I sit is a coffee table completely covered in beads and beading supplies (including 2 unfinished necklaces and 2 pair of unfinished earrings). Instead, I am sitting here on my laptop with a beer. Priorities.

  10. I am definitely surrounded by people! Also, lots of work as the other teacher in my department is on vacation in Hawaii.

    Congrats on the good news on the writing front.

  11. Cherry and raspberry sounds heavenly! You should market that! ;)
    Also, I wouldn't mind seeing some bare chested men. Cuz, ya know. Why not? ;)
    We just received a huge bag of peas from my hubby's uncle and now the kids wander into the kitchen every few minutes and grab a handful of peas. I love that. :)
    I love this time of year. Just wish it would be MUCH warmer. What is going on?

  12. When the garden flourishes like that, that's one of the best places for me to be. I love it.

    I'm intrigued by the raspberry cherry jam. My husband has been urging (bugging/nagging) me to start preserving. He's gone so far as to threaten to do it himself. Sounds like a plan. ;)


Spill it, reader.