Tuesday, July 2, 2013

my heart is much better

Despite the massive clusterf*ck of airline travel (United?  We're done.  DONE flying together.  We're never ever ever getting back together.), my writing workshop week in North Carolina was blissful.  This was my working view every day on Marni's screen porch.  Sweet tea?  Check.  Tub o' chocolate chip cookies?  Check.  Manuscripts full of helpful notes and suggestions?  Check.  Gorgeous weather?  Check.  Incredible view across the water?  Check.  Marvelous company?  Check.  Stimulating conversation?  Check.

There was even espresso, made the traditional Italian way, which I've never tried before.  (Yes, I was mostly sitting, which is why my feet feature prominently in most of my pictures.)

My work-in-progress got all kinds of swell improvements, including a New! Improved! title and the resolution I couldn't quite find for my main character. 

We ate like queens and the only labor asked of us was to pick beans, peas and squash for our chef.  That doesn't count as work for someone like me.

The hummingbirds were just as pleased by the hospitality offered us at The Briary.

We made one excursion to Oden's, this utterly charming and quite ancient old general store that is now an antique shop.  I bought a stack of vintage postcards and coveted the gorgeous (and cheap!) furniture for sale.

 My sweet writing partners hanging out on Oden's porch.

Here we are, posing with Marni's ginormous dog, Radar. 

Nina was there, too, but she was taking a phone call and missed that group photo!

I'm revved up and ready to write again.  My creativity, patience and fortitude has returned thanks to the Screw Iowa Writers Group--my dear Marni, Lauren, Mariana, Nina and Arthur (who doesn't write, but cooked, drove and offered other logistical support for us all week).  We had another great workshop, Marni's next Nora Tierney mystery is on pace for publication in 2014, Nina has a short story and poetry collection coming out this year and Bridle Path Press continues to grow with new authors.  I'm very lucky to get to work with such talented people.

As if that weren't enough, I returned home to a reasonably clean house because Team Testosterone stepped up and kept things humming along in my absence. 

Life is good.


  1. Productive, relaxing, rejuvenating...I could use that. I'm glad you got it!

  2. Sounds wonderful, and how fantastic to come home to a clean house!

  3. Hurray! So glad you had a wonderful getaway!

  4. Awesome. That sounds so fun! Except for United.

  5. Looks heavenly - I love a water view. And your boys kept th house clean - how great is that :-)

  6. It looks like so much fun!
    I read your travel saga on facebook. It sounds extremely frustrating. That must have been a terrible day for travel in general. That same day, a friend of ours was trying to fly from VA to Chicago (American Airlines) and actually had to leave the airport and try again the next day, when she STILL had problems.

  7. To be fair, the team did have that major heads up that you were on your way and they did have more than ample time to get the house clean. Which is nice to see they used to their advantage. High five. Glad the rest of the trip was excellent.

  8. Picking vegetables? You're right; that's not a chore. For me, it's therapy.

    My tomatoes keep trying to start bearing fruit, but I keep pulling their flowers until they grow taller and stronger. Am I doing this right? Do you remove the flowers if they come out early?

  9. It all sounds so fabulous! (Well, except for the air travel... maybe try Amtrak next year?)


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