Monday, July 15, 2013


Long time readers have watched Mr. G grow up on this blog.  I was pregnant with him when I went to the U of Iowa Summer Writing Festival and met my Screw Iowa compatriots.  He's the gravy on our potatoes, this kid.  Yesterday was his ninth birthday and we surprised him with a crew of his baseball pals at the Timber Rattler stadium for a game.  (Yes, it sounded exactly like The Sandlot, sitting in our seats with this bunch of 9-year-old baseball players.  What a fun day!)

Mr. G, you love to play.  There's nothing you won't try, no ball you won't catch, no race you won't run, no competition you'll shy away from.  And your passion matches your talent.  You are a fluid, graceful, fast and strong kind of kid. 
You have no fear.  Part of why you're such a good athlete is because the possibility of failure doesn't exist in your mind.  I've seen your brothers hesitate to take a shot or kick a ball because they might miss...but you?  You barrel right in and on the outside chance you fail, you just keep trying until you succeed.  (And failure?  Slides off you like water off a duck.)

 You doggedly spend hours chucking basketballs at the hoop, flopping your body on the carpet while perfecting a kip-up, throw, hit and play catch.  You love to practice.  This work ethic extends to other things, too, like cursive writing and memorizing your states and capitals.

You have a very good attention span.  I've seen you zero in on details like nobody's business.  You ask lots of questions.   You remember nearly everything.  I think you're pretty darn smart.

You are my early bird, up at the crack of dawn, ready to face the day.  This gets exhausting, but you're also the first one sound asleep at night.  You've always put yourself to sleep.  When you're tired, it doesn't matter what is going on around you--slumber party, loud movie, people begging you to play--you are DONE and that is THAT.

You're the kind of baby brothers who idolizes your older brothers.  You respect their property, you admire their knowledge and experience, you demand to be included every step along the way.  I even think you realize how good they are to you.


You are a lover, full of trouble, affection and laughter.  A bit of an attention whore, actually, but not so obnoxious that we don't adore you.  You always have a hug, a smile, a cuddle ready for me.  You curl up next to your dad to watch the Brewers on TV.  You prefer to sleep next to Mr. B.  You've always been a tactile kid--you sleep in a literal PILE of stuffed animals to this day.  When you were a baby you'd fiddle with my bra strap or play with the skin on my elbow, which drove me nuts.  You just have this need to hold something and be close. 

Your favorite things include animals, Minecraft, riding your bike, reading nonfiction, playing Madden 13, cheeseburgers (plain), soda (when you can get it!), "granila" bars, 95.9 KISS FM (I cringe, but you insist it's the best radio station around--definitely inherited your dad's taste in music), the Baltimore Ravens, the Milwaukee Brewers, riding the four-wheeler and playing Airsoft wars.

We think you're terrific, Mr. G.  Happy NINTH birthday!


  1. It's good to see that you like and appreciate your kid so wholeheartedly. He must feel very loved.

  2. Have the best 9th birthday ever Mr. G!!

  3. I can't believe he's 9 now.

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday to Mr. G!!!

  4. The last year of a single digit. *sigh* Happy Birthday to Mr. G!

  5. Happy bday to Mr. G! Kids are the best present to parents :D

  6. Happy 9th Birthday Mr. G!!! Nine is BIG!!!
    What a handsome guy.
    xo jj

  7. He definitely sounds terrific! The kind of kid you don't worry about when they grow up. The kind that will be successful at whatever he opts to do because he wants to be and does not accept defeat. LOVE that. Love the no fear. LOVE the bravery and perseverance. What a kid!
    And handsome too!
    Happy Birthday, Mr. G!

  8. million dollar smile on that young dude :) congrats to his mom too!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr G, and congratulations to mom and dad.

  10. My, what a beautiful tribute to your handsome son, and 9 already. I wonder what he will accomplish now that he's going into 4th?or5th? grade...the sky's the limit. Happy Birthday Young Man
    Life IS Great~~~

  11. Happy Birthday Mr. G! Timber Rattlers game must have been great fun!

  12. Happy birthday Mr. G! The world is lucky to have you!

  13. Happy 9th birthday to Mr. G!
    He has some traits in common with my youngest son: they both sleep in a pile of stuffed animals and they both are brave and fearless. SM started sleeping later when he turned 13 last year, so you might be back to quiet mornings in another 4 years.

  14. Happy (belated) birthday to Mr. G and his sweet mama!

    Melissa, I love reading about your boys. You describe them with such love that it does my heart good.


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