Wednesday, July 17, 2013

one more day

of "heat index" and leaving the air conditioning run.  Meanwhile, I keep tossing popsicles at the kids in the pool and wiping my brow.

Mr. T is at his second week of camp.  He came home from Boy Scout camp talking about getting a summer gig as a counselor.  He's conflicted--it pays well, but would he be homesick?   He does love camp, though, and staying in a cabin instead of a camp would make it a more palatable summer job.

Mr. G has to choose between a baseball tournament and a soccer tournament this weekend.  His baseball team needs him more than the soccer team.  I hate it when a kid has to miss because they're over-committed, so I'm trying to conceive of a way to get him to at least one of the soccer games.  While also ferrying Mr. B to his baseball games in another town and Mr. T to his soccer tournament.  Coincidentally, I need to fuel up the Momvan.

My mom is coming to stay with us this weekend--and experience the full force of 3 boys in sports. Three kids, four tournaments in three cities.  She's in for a trip.

And in the course of a day my front yard went from this:

 to this:

Coming soon:  cement trucks!


  1. Oh my gosh, so you're starting on that project already?

  2. Good grief --are you putting in geothermal heating?!

  3. You're in for a busy few days, I hope your Mum is feeling fit - that's a lot of chasing around!

  4. I'm exhausted just READING your schedule! Hope you have a good visit with your mom!

  5. I assume there is a good reason for your front yard to be dug up, although I can figure out what it would be.

    I hope you have an enjoyable time with your mom while you rush the boys around. Moms do like some one on one time with their daughters, so don't forget that. Don't neglect her.

  6. Oh, my! That's a lot of running about and a lot of dirt being dug up... I'm curious about the project (which I assume does not include boys using heavy machinery -- fun as that would be!) and wondering if there isn't someone out there who could help with the extra ferrying about the countryside so your kids can be everywhere they need to be.

    These are the days you will someday miss. At least, I'm told that -- I haven't hit that "missing" stage myself!

    Thank God for air conditioners!

  7. WOW. Busy, busy, busy! We are starting tournaments today as well. Should be interesting, to say the least. ;)
    I think the heat is going to last a little bit longer. And we might even get some much needed rain.

  8. I'm convinced that the logistics of keeping our kids in (fill in the blank with activities) qualifies us Moms to be military strategists of the highest degree. There is so much FIGURING how to get kids places. But when their hearts are in it, it's worth it.

    I hope you have a good time visiting with your Mom. I can't even think about that dirt.

  9. We still have another two days to wait for the cool off. Those are some big doings in your yard!


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