Friday, August 23, 2013


Mr. B's Camo & Ammo party was a good success.  Despite the 90 degree heat, they gamely wore their camouflage and took to the woods to pelt each other with plastic bb pellets.  After 2 "wars" they swam and headed back to the woods until they overheated once more.  The second time in the pool, lightning struck and storm sirens went off, so a dozen boys tromped/slid/ran/scampered to our basement where they kept the party going until parents came.  A couple kids were reasonably freaked out by the storm sirens since a recent tornado left its impression on their houses and properties, but by the end of the party, no one was hurt and everyone was smiling and glad they came.

The photo above gives you a sense of their gear for the day!  (I'd post other photos, but they're not all my kids--ethics of blogging.)  I should have taken a picture of all the MUD on my floors at the end of the party.  That was impressive.

The harvest has been spectacular around here.  I picked 2 dozen cucumbers, a few onions, several peppers, a fistful of basil, a bushel of tomatoes, 10 quarts of beans and a couple zucchini.   I made salsa and it's sooooo good.  All I want to eat is tomatoes all the time, which is probably good since I have them coming out of the garden by the bushel.  BLT sandwiches, caprese salads, baked tomatoes with bread and cheese, salsa--I haven't added tomatoes to my breakfast yet, but I might.

THAT thing is taking shape.

What amazes me is how NEAT the building crew is.  They sweep and stack every evening before they leave.  You've never seen such perfect order on a job site.

The stairs to the storage loft are nicer than the stairs to the basement in our house. 

Here's a view from the loft...

and another facing the garage and loft from the back wall, approximately by where the basketball hoop will go.

Enough of that.  Check out the late summer pretty of my front porch.

And more late summer pretty in my kitchen.  I plant at least 5 kinds of tomatoes every year, all heirloom, always delicious.

And with a week and a half remaining before school starts, our calendar is slowly filling with stuff.  I'm irritated because I wanted to take the boys to Lake Michigan and it's going to be a hassle wedging it in between cross country practice, back to school night and some other crazy business.  But I'm going to try for one final hurrah before we kiss summer goodbye.

Spill it, reader.  What's the best ending to your summer?


  1. Lake Michigan? I live on the lake...;)
    As for the best ending to my summer, today we attended a slip and slide party. Two contractor type plastic sheets by the barn and stretched down the hill, dish soap, kids and adults who think/wish they still are, etc...Seeing my timid little girl try something new and like it! "Mom - - it's wet!!" =D She interacted w/others and went down by herself even! My bruises may not contain color right now but I'm hoping the best parts of today outweigh the aches of tomorrow!

  2. Oh boy, did your mudders ever bring back some memories...but don't miss the trail through the house~
    and that is some garage/sport center/shop or whatever it's going to be...triple wow!!!
    but, being the gardener that we are, I do say, that is some fine bed of Cone Flowers. and look at that awesome pile of heirloom tomatoes and basil. I have been drying tons of basil but my tomatoes are just starting to ripen. I can taste them already.
    Life IS Good

  3. Best ending to the summer is getting back the baby whose mama teaches high school and has been off for the last ten weeks or so; I have missed him being here every day and he starts back Monday !~!

    Your building is amazingly big and beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished and in serious use all winter.

  4. That building is HUGE!! And clean! Your kitchen is much too clean, too, although the tomatoes look fabulous.

    Last year the best ending was a 2nd camping trip at the beach (8-9 hours drive away from here). This year? Um, no ending at all. Work and life have gotten in the way. School starts on Sept. 3rd. *sigh*

  5. So glad to hear that Camo & Ammo was a roaring success.

    I'm delighted that we had fall-like temps for the last week of our summer break. It was exactly what I needed.

  6. The building looks amazing as do those tasty looking tomatoes!
    I'll no doubt be ending the school holidays in a flurry of haircuts and school shoe buying - always last minute!

  7. That is some nice summer bounty on the kitchen counter and outside your front porch! And the building looks great.

  8. Oh, that have so much space - I'm envious!
    Tomatoes too.

  9. Wow! I'm jealous of the produce. I didn't get to plant anything this year bc of the move!

  10. Storm sirens with a camo-party... you couldn't have orchestrated better :)
    Those tomatoes look wonderful. Nothing beats home grown. And salsa made fresh is amazing!! We get about three weeks worth in June and then mean old Mr. Sun dries them to a crinkly shrivel. But the fall garden is in so hoping for another three weeks in about a month.

  11. Just a word of warning . . . or four.

    It only gets worse!

    As the kids get older, the time seems to fill up faster. Or maybe it just felt that way because I was getting older too ;D

  12. So jealous of all those tomatoes. The squirrels continue to devour mine. I'm going to have to build a fence, that's all there is to it.

    You've got big barn and you cannot lie....

  13. So much going on out there! I am so envious of the barn. I've told everyone when we finally get to build a garage, there WILL be a basketball court in it. These boys are getting way too big to be playing around in the house the way they do!
    The front of your house is gorgeous!

    To end our summer, we will be having our annual Labor Day party on Sunday. 15 families descend, and fun is had by all. Hoping the temps drop a bit before then, though.

  14. Wow! That garage/basketball court/storage facility is AMAZING!!! So cool.

    We are pretty busy around here too. I really wish we had another month of summer. I'm not ready for the craziness of school. Boo.

  15. This rates another Wow! It looks incredible in progress - it'll be amazing when it's done. As for the tomatoes, mine are a little late due to chaos around here in May. Those that are ripening are delicious.

  16. Holy buckets! That is one big barn. Awesome.


Spill it, reader.