Monday, August 19, 2013

of rednecks, hammers and muttonchops

 The massive man-cave continues to command everyone's attention.  At times it feels like the whole town is involved since we know most of the people working on it from baseball or wrestling or basketball. 

 It's the main topic of conversation around here.  Shed, shed, shed.  Where to position outlets, what type of floor, how to protect the walls.  Bang, bang, bang.  Drill, drill, drill.  Slam, bang, smash.

 We stand inside and try to imagine what it will really feel like--all this massive space.

 Everything is larger than we imagined...and originally planned. 

On the other side of our yard, I embarked on a project of considerably smaller scale this weekend.

That potager of mine needs a fence around it, and my dad volunteered to help build it.  After some discussion, he understood what I wanted---not a decorative fence but a functional fence to keep critters and weed seeds and wind out.

I procured the necessary equipment:  bags of Quickcrete, 8 foot cedar posts, a Ground Hog.  Saturday morning Mr. D and my dad drilled the holes and we set up the 26 cedar posts for my future fence.

In a month or two dad will come back to finish this project. I'll have to move one bed over since it's easier than moving two trees, but that can wait until after I harvest everything out of it in September.

Mr. B's planning a party with his friends.  We're calling it "Camo & Ammo," and it will involve an Airsoft battle in the woods, swimming and a bonfire.  It's a slippery slope from moving to the country to raising junior rednecks.  On a happy note, no one here likes NASCAR.

After Mr. B's friends leave I'll enjoy a palate-cleansing evening with a glass of wine and a viewing of Pride and Prejudice.  The only question is which Mr. Darcy shall I feast my eyes upon?
Or contemporary?


  1. How about both Darcys? Why limit yourself?

  2. It's a HUGE building!!

  3. I know I am sounding like a broken record, but HOLY MOLY that barn is BIG. Huge. Gigantic.

    Camo and ammo? I'm dying over here. Hilarious.

  4. Can I just come for the swimming without cammo & ammo? I'm voting for classic Darcy I think, although either would do!

  5. Ha I am doing a Nascar giveaway on my blog right now even though it is not my thing. Let's just say hubby is gonna owe me. I think I could fit ten of my houses in that shed of yours.

  6. Yup, that building is huge. No wonder everyone is talking about it.

    Love the camo and ammo party.

  7. I have some furniture I could store in that shed. It is looking FINE!

  8. CLASSIC! Definitely the classic.
    And yes, very happy note about NASCAR. That is about the only thing distinguishing us from rednecks as well. ;)
    That building is MASSIVE!! WOW! I imagine the boys are having a field day watching all the workings and trying to get their hands on helping. :)

  9. I could pretend it was a hard decision classic or contemporary but that would be a lie.............the answer of course is that building is bloody large

  10. Cammo & Ammo sounds awesome, as is that shed. You could have square dances in that thing.

  11. I agree about the square dances! That would be so much fun.

  12. Camo and Ammo sounds like a fabulous party!

    We once had a "danger party": archery, fire-building competition, baseball played with water balloons (the poor catcher!) and raw eggs (we voted to not have a catcher). My husband hooked up a large tarp and dragged it behind the riding lawn mower while boys rode standing up like surfer dudes.
    Yes, our house is (was) full of boys.

  13. Classic of course! Unless he looks like this:


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