Thursday, August 15, 2013

what's up

Around here, walls are what's up.

Then yesterday they added a ROOF!  I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

It's been a zoo around here--this crew arrives before 7 in the morning and they swing their hammers until 5.  They work nonstop with only a 40 minute lunch break and you've never seen the likes of their productivity.  I need to bake something nice for them and drag out a full cooler to the front yard tomorrow to show appreciation.

Since I last posted:
Friday night I went to the Countryfest concert with my good friends J & P and M and saw these guys.  J grabbed my arm and we passed through the crowd to a spot in the second row where we could really rock out and sing along.  Oh, it was terrific fun and my ears, chest and brain were FULL of the music.  The BoDeans have been around a long time, we've listened to them since high school, so of course we sang along to almost all of their songs.
Saturday I volunteered for 4 hours at the parish picnic, slicing pies and serving up burgers and brats.  I flat-out refused to work the grill or fryer because I smelled like yuck all week long and wasn't interested in smelling like smoke or grease.  Team Testosterone tore around the park and played the kids' games.  Eye patches, whoopie cushions and mustaches were the hit prizes this year and my crew won all three.  (Be careful if you sit down around here, that's all I can say.)
Sunday we went to church, cleaned up our house, finished reading a long-overdue library book and welcomed Mr. D home from Iowa.  I also crammed in two meetings Sunday night.
Monday the boys and I canoed down the Crystal River.  We had a swell time paddling and getting tipped over in the rapids.  The water wasn't very cold and the trip was scenic, but Mr. G grew bored after the first hour so I ended up paddling our 2-man canoe the rest of the trip.  We refueled with enormous amounts of pizza and ice cream before heading home.
Tuesday we had the B-man boys over, 3 guys the same ages as mine, also all brothers.  You can imagine the chaos a half-dozen boys brewed.  Between the construction crew in my front yard and the destruction crew in my back yard, it was LOUD and ROWDY.  I rewarded myself afterwards at the Bumble Book Club meeting (girlfriends, great book discussion, wine and restaurant food).  I totally wore a dress to book club to pump up my estrogen levels.
Wednesday I helped clean the school kitchen for a couple hours.  Picture a dozen church ladies armed with steel wool pads, bottles of cleaning supplies, a pile of rags and buckets.  They're tearing down the ancient gas stove, refrigerators, warming oven--no nook or cranny was left unscrubbed.  I had the task of scouring the iron grates of that damn stove.  Hard and nasty work.  I'm telling you, if the church men were charged with cleaning the cafeteria kitchen, they'd either pass a hat to pay a service or replace the old cruddy appliances with newer, easier to clean versions.  Then I picked up a couple of old bookcases from my friend Alice for cleaning and refurbishing.  Now the boys' rooms are organized and my canning supplies are up off the basement floor.

I've got a ridiculous sense of pride looking at my canning cupboard.  Who'd have ever guessed that would become a hobby of choice for me?

Spill it, reader.  What's up with you this week?


  1. I need to clean and organize my canning shelves.

    We are enjoying our last week of summer. We're still adjusting to the girl being home from camp and I've got a few free lance projects I'm working on.

  2. Wow! Busy week!
    There is nothing like a parish picnic. My kids look forward to it all year long.
    Hope you get a little time to relax this weekend! I hear we will finally get some nice hot weather. :)

  3. What fun for everyone! I can't wait until the younger kids are bigger and we can raft down a river. We used to do that quite a bit in high school.
    My husband will not be pleased with you, as it is now in my head, "Why don't I have a canning cupboard?"

  4. How fun! Love the building progress. I just finished (semi) organizing my craft/spare bedroom space. I can now find most of my stuff - except my paper. Still have to figure that one out.

  5. Looking at your canning shelves makes me feel more productive, so I can only imagine how you feel. The most I can say for this week is that I did two loads of laundry today. I'm going to get out of this slump somehow or other. Until then, the floors will be dirty and the meals will be meager.

  6. Those photos of the building project are way cool. I love the lattice effect.

    Your activities sound fun and energetic. Bravo on the canning cupboard!

    What's up with me is driving and marching band camp stuff.

  7. I know, I love canning too and we have dozens of jam jars set up :) And apple jam season ahead! You saw the BO DEANS? lucky you :)

  8. It's mostly prepping around here --classes start on Monday, and I'm working hard to get the class sites ready. In between that we got two chairs delivered and had a couch removed (sledge-hammered and removed in pieces), and our girl has learned to ride a bike (thought that might never happen) and has ridden MILES, mostly going around our paddock (once I get a picture I'm going to do a blog post). She starts school a week later, and I'm not really ready for those early mornings and evening homework.

    Your new building looks amazing --I can't even imagine having such a big indoor area!

  9. Could you subdivide your barn into rooms and make it a house for me to live in?

  10. A canning cupboard. That is all kinds of awesome.

    Every time I think I've got my head wrapped around the scale of your sports barn, you go and post photos that tell me, no, I clearly have no idea just how big y'all are going.

  11. A sports barn is an awesome concept. And I love your canning shelves. I've only recently gotten into canning, and it is so satisfying to see jars of food you've put up yourself.

  12. That new building is looking phenomenal - my boys would be green with envy! Mostly it's balls going up here, sadly some have come down in the neighbours garden & we're in a spot of bother about it!

  13. My canning shelves (back in the day when I was a young wife without kids) were in a basement that I only visited during daylight hours. Now I'm pining for such pretty plenty!

    That is a huge barn! Off to read more about the project...

  14. I'm going to take a nap after reading this post.

    Actually, I feel like I put a week's worth of stuff into this past weekend-housecleaning after work Friday night, Eating Disorder clinic stuff all day Saturday, great dinner out with my daughter and her husband and my stepsis who stayed the weekend, kayaking Sunday morning and then shopping and cooking for a small dinner party--and there was enough food for my SIL who (in class my husband's family style) neglected to mention she was flying in from Minnesota!

  15. The canning cupboard looks great! My cupboard is looking good with all the canned goodies in it. I don't have a permanent place for my tools and equipment - the recovery of the basement is still in progress, slowly.


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