Friday, September 6, 2013


So, the thing lately is favorite things.  Three of my favorite blog writers did it (Jen, Mrs. G and blackbird) and when three cool people do it, I have to imitate.

I'll start with the Pillsbury Cookbook which gives me clear and successful advice on what to do with an abundance of pears (or tomatoes, strawberries, beans, peppers or raspberries for that matter).  I know lots of you folks swear by Betty Crocker or The Joy of Cooking, but that Pillsbury Cookbook never steered me wrong.

New craft project:  I've been making chalkboards out of old cupboard doors. 

Oh, those Cazalets!   Love them.

This stuff.  I bought it at a doctor's office and it is the BEST sunscreen in the whole world.  I'm outside a LOT and one morning application gets me through a day of swimming, sweating and sunning.  I wear it half the year, it gives a light coverage and this bottle lasts me two years.

My favorite place to read a book:

Picking fruit in flip flops is taking your life into your hands.  All those wasps and bees drunk on fermenting fruit are dangerous.  My boots keep my toes from getting stung AND keep any rogue stingers from getting up my legs, too.

I'm back to writing now that the kids are back in school.  My wonderful writing group gave me great advice and this project is shaping up.

 The Bumble Book Club.  I have no picture to post, but we met last night to bid our founder farewell.  She's moving to San Antonio, Texas.  We'll carry on, but it won't be the same without her.  The Bumbles are my monthly joy.

Spill it, reader, your favorites.  If you haven't yet, that is.


  1. I am SO JEALOUS of your hammock that I can barely stand myself right now. I could really use a hammock today.

  2. How do I not have a Pillsbury cookbook? Shame on me!

  3. Poor boots... are they the same ones as on your header photo? Poor boots.

  4. My quesedilla maker. I'm currently having a cheese and chili quesedilla for lunch, with guacamole. I love this thing!!

  5. I'm honored to have been included in the same category as Blackbird and Mrs. G.

    Today, my faves are the lovely cool weather, baked goods from a nearby bakery, and snuggling with my family on the sofa and watching DVDs together.

  6. The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook c. 1986, aka the "how to make a roast" cookbook is my go to guide. I even bought the newest edition for the girls for Christmas a couple of years ago. Appreciated greatly by one and probably still in the shrink wrap state by the other.

    My iPad mini is my favorite thing in the world. I carry 1,000 books in my purse, which means it is impossible to be bored. Ever.

    Elicio rose' is my favorite wine of the summer. A smooth, delicious wine from Avignon....well, let's just say it needs to get cold around here so I stop chugging the stuff. The closest thing I've tasted to a house pichet I drank with my friend at a restaurant in Rouen in May, I keep going back to Whole Foods and buying a bottle...or three.

    College football season is here. The Huskers played like crap but won, the Yellow Jackets killed poor Elon last week and Ole Miss staged a great comeback at the last second against Vandy. And Georgia lost. All is right with the world.

    The Braves are a million games up.

    My children all live in different states.

  7. I love cookbooks and often turn to Ina Garten's books. Her recipes have never failed me.

    My favorite places these days is in air conditioning or the pool (it's hot! out!)

    My new favorite food seems to be crabcakes! I can't get enough of them.

    Fabric stores are my fave hangout place. I could look at beautiful fabrics all day.

    My favorite sound is hearing my husband, who at the moment is out at the pool, laughing while talking to a friend-- It's one of those laughs that goes with a longterm friendship and I know exactly who he's talking to without really knowing.

    Have a great weekend, xo jj

  8. I love the Pillsbury cookbook!

    My favorite thing today is the peach I had at breakfast. It was utterly and unexpectedly delicious.

  9. Great post! I love the chalkboard too.

  10. Do you sell those chalkboards at craft shows? They look like a big hit to me!

    Ibuprofen continues to be one of my favorite things. (I'm aware that is a sad reality.) At least it is cheap when purchased in bulk!

  11. I'm so glad you are enjoying the Cazalets!

  12. The refridgerator pickles I made from the cucumbers in my garden...they have turned out great and we are enjoying them thoroughly.

    The little table I took from the trash in a friend's neighborhood. Sanded and painted it a pretty turquoise blue and am loving it in my living room


Spill it, reader.