Friday, September 27, 2013


A mushroom walks into a bar and an acorn says to the bartender, "Catch him a drink on me.  I think he's a fun guy!"  

Let's take a walk and see some of the fungi growing in my neck of the woods:

This thing is hollowed out like a bowl and covered with a weird dirt that puffs into clouds if you touch it.  Looks a bit like a pancake.

Dinosaur eggs, smallest to largest, in a neat row.

Spooky green tint--I bet they taste fruity and make you sick.


Like little fairy umbrellas.
These are growing like mad by one of my rain barrels and their moist, earthy smell is overpowering.

 In other news, the concrete guys, flooring guys and builder have been making a huge racket over by the shed. 

That slab of concrete is where my greenhouse will go!  It seems real now that I can see the foundation.

Not a big surprise to find another of Mr. G's selfie buried in my camera. That thing on his lip is viral, not fungal, which would have made a poetic ending to this post.

Happy weekend!


  1. Nice fungi.

    Mine always leaves feet selfies.

  2. It must be a nice surprise to see a photo of one of your kids show up unexpectedly once in a while. It would be spooky if that happened on my camera.

  3. We have a lot growing in our yard too. Loved your names.

  4. Wow you have a lot of awe...mazing fungis around your house ;D

  5. We have a strange fungus that looks like albino dog poo. I hope you washed your hands after touching that fungal pancake!
    Too cute to find a selfie on your camera.

  6. those dinosaur eggs are huge! Abby leaves a lot of selfies on my camera too, along with fuzzy, crooked pictures of her siblings.

  7. Oh my! Some of my most favorite things in the world! My FB photos include lots of fungi!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! That is a lot of fungi! Love the joke too. :)

    Love the selfie. Hehe!


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