Monday, September 9, 2013

little victories

I should post fresh updates on the barn--some walls are finished, flooring is ordered, all the windows are in and the insulation is done.  This morning I spent quality time with the concrete guys and the general contractor.  I was forced to explain the pile of scrap lumber and metal siding in our garage--oops!  I told Team Testosterone to dumpster-dive in the construction dumpster for that stuff.  They're always building projects, so why not use the cast-off materials.  After all, we DID pay for it...

Anyway, MY part of this grand compromise was a greenhouse, which shall have its foundation poured within the next week.  I have been patiently sitting on the sidelines while the barn goes up, but my reward is coming soon.

I borrowed the plaster guy's super-tall ladder and Mr. T and I went on a wasp-killing spree.  I knocked down almost 20 nests and dug a dozen baseballs out of the gutters.   It was perilous work, discovering nests COVERED with stinging insects under eaves and inside a vent opening.  Mr. T and I worked fast and neither of us got stung.

The wasps and toads are at plague-like levels lately.  The skimmer filter in the pool is FULL of toads every morning.  The air is abuzz with yellow jackets, bees, hornets and wasps.  I picked and processed about 60 pounds of pears this weekend and picked another 80 pounds to give away.  In my desperation to deal with these pears, I skinned a bunch and dumped them in a crock pot.  Success!  Team Testosterone loves pear sauce better than applesauce.  I never would have guessed. 

Wedding season finally came to a close--the last one was yesterday, the boys' old babysitter.  It was a fun surprise to learn my aunt is pals with the bride's mom, and she saved us seats for the dinner.  The speeches were very lovely at this wedding, and I did lose it when the bride danced with her brother, because her dad died about two years ago in a horrible accident.  The song they danced to, the way they looked holding each other out there alone on the dance floor--I'm not one for choking up easily, but I smeared mascara around my cheeks for a couple minutes. 

Team Testosterone had a good weekend playing flag football and running cross country.  Mr. T had a decent start to his season, despite only having his family and friends there to cheer him on.  Yes, folks, the girls with glitter signs did not make an appearance at his finish line--for him or any other runner.  Our home-team football program took over flag football this year and I'm so glad they did.  The first games were well-run and Mr. B's being coached by a trio of varsity players, so he's over the MOON with excitement.  Mr. G only took his jersey off for church on Sunday and again for the wedding last night.  He even slept in it.  Their teams both won, Mr. G making a touchdown and important "tackle" and Mr. B making the game-winning "tackle" for his team.

And now?  Two little editing projects, revisions on my book project, some home repair, pears to pick and I'm sure a few zucchini grew two feet since I last looked.  


  1. How cool to have a greenhouse. That wedding sounds sweet.

  2. Jealous of the greenhouse. Glad the pearsauce turned out!

  3. Ooohh, a greenhouse. You'll be in the Big Time! I can't believe you are still picking pears. Bumper crop doesn't even come close to explaining your year!
    We don't have toads or wasps. We have spiders. Varieties I've never seen before. Cobwebs are all over the house, as well as covering the insides of the coop and barns. I prefer spiders to wasps.
    I would have been a blubbering mess at that wedding.
    Congrats to the boys!

  4. We have not had toads in our pool skimmer --thank goodness! Lots of wasps, though, and this morning an absolutely enormous horsefly sitting on the outside of a window screen. Those things scare me very very much.
    I'm looking forward to pictures of your greenhouse!

  5. The greenhouse project sounds so HOPEFUL. I imagine that I could actually grow things if I had a rabbit-proof greenhouse, but that is probably just a wild dream. I will be quite content to hear what you grow in yours!

    That is a lot of wasps. Glad to hear nobody got stung.

  6. Sounds like you have SO MUCH ENERGY!! I've never had pear sauce but I bet it would be good!

    Bravo for you to knocking down nests. I'd be hiding under the bed!

  7. PEAR sauce ? :) BRILLIANT! oh man! I got rid of a hellacious yellow jacket nest today myself, UGH, and where did the million garter snakes around my house come from???????

  8. Ohhhh I'm green with envy...I've always wanted a greenhouse . . . maybe one day

  9. So glad wedding season ended on a positive note for you!
    Here's to football season, pear sauce, and almost done barns! :)

  10. Oh, those stinging creatures. They're all over! I still hope to get myself together and to Casa Testosterone while the pears are good. Maybe Friday? Saturday?

  11. My dh is headed back over to the church this evening to deal with stinging insect nests.
    Pear sauce sounds wonderful (you could also cook them down in a covered glass dish in the microwave for about 10 minutes -- apples take closer to 20 minutes). But picking 140 pounds worth?!? YOU ARE MY HERO.

    And now I have a lump in my throat thinking about that wedding dance.


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