Monday, September 2, 2013

sunny side

It chilled to 70 degrees today, making the last day of summer a little easier to face.  I'm not a fan of fall since it marks the end of summer and gets us that much closer to winter (which is a long, harsh season of desolation and despair when one lives in Wisconsin), but I'm trying real hard to see the sunny side this year.  I could give a crap about apples and pumpkins and sweaters and cider, but fall does bring some perks.

I'm excited for fall because ...

I have a pile of manuscripts to work on, and now, with kids back in school, I'll have time to crack at them!

I can run mid-day and avoid the more potent evening smell of manure.

The switch in weather gives me more excuse to be indoors and attack a few projects like painting that bathroom and making cool wall hangings out of old cabinet doors.

We got a new couch and chair this spring, so I'll be cozy when I curl up to read through a stack of books.  (Although it won't be the same as reading in our hammock ... )


A new season of Sons of Anarchy.

That big-ass shed will be finished and our front yard will sort of be normal again.

In mid-October we'll start Saturday morning yoga in the big-ass shed.  (Local gals, give me a shout if you're interested.  I have a teacher lined up--bring your own mat and we'll pass a hat for $5 each to pay him every week.)

The end of wedding season!

Nobody interrupting Morning Edition because they'll all be at work or school, leaving me with peace, quiet, Renée Montagne and Steve Inskeep.

Impending frost brings the death of wasps, a time to plant bulbs and dry ground in the woods.

I do love those days when we grab chainsaws, matches, a package of hot dogs and a package of marshmallows and head out to clear fallen trees and brush.  It's about the only collective work day we share as an entire family unit where everyone has a blast and no once complains because s'mores! bonfire! sticks!

Spill it, reader.  What's the sunny side of fall look like to you?


  1. Okay, I really want to come for yoga. Can't you be a little closer?!

  2. Today is the nicest day I think quite possibly all summer. It's finally warm and sunny enough to go to the pool. Of course.

    I am looking forward to college football, bourbon and boot season.

  3. I like going for walks with the dog in the fall and inhaling the crisp air and seeing the orange and yellow colored foliage. I also like wearing more clothes than I do in the summer. especially my cowboy boots.

  4. Looking forward to:
    Football Sundays
    *wearing my vast collection of boots and sweaters without sweltering
    *not sweating. I hate sweating.
    *the "smell" of fall
    *no more wasps
    *fall/winter meals: pork roasts with sourkraut, beef roast, Swedish meatballs and noodles, etc. I'm getting tired of grill food.
    *the fall holidays, especially Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year.
    *THE END OF FIELDWORK. Farmer will be home more once November comes :)

    Id LOVE to try yoga if your guys will chase my three while I try downward dog and happy baby. :) Tell them I pay cash and in baked goods...maybe that will seal the deal. :)

  5. Looking forward cool, crisp days with the smell of woodsmoke and leaves in the air. (The lovely fall-like weather we had two weeks ago is gone, to be replaced by more horrid summer heat).

    Wearing sweaters and scarves.

    Warm, comforting meals.

    Making pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cookies.

    No more mosquitoes.

    New seasons of TV shows.

  6. Good for you, looking at the positive things of fall. I'm with you, normally not liking fall, because fall leads to winter, and winter is awful.
    I do like the gorgeous fall temperatures and the beautiful leaves. I like playing in the leaves with the kids. That's about it for me.

    Great idea for using the "shed". Wish we lived closer so I could join you for yoga.

  7. I thought that shed was IN your front yard.(And if so, how could that be a return to normal?)

    Happy fall thoughts (thanks to some rain here today):
    normal schedule
    high school and college football games
    woodsmoke smell in the air (vs. burn bans and forest fires)
    slanted light
    farewell to seasonal sweat
    goodbye yellowjackets!

  8. I love running in the rain...much better than the heat. I love to run so I can eat caramel corn, candied apples, hot buttered corn...yep this time of year is all about food for me...and running;D

  9. I love the quality of the light in September. Our walnut trees' leaves are already turning yellow, and the sunlight is filtered through them as they fall. I like the decline in humidity, but hate that it is getting darker earlier.

  10. Mmmm . . . definitely looking forward to apples and a light jacket. Socks, even. Getting ready to teach without drowning in sweat after showering. And bonfires!

  11. I absolutely love fall (once I finally come to grips with going back to school).

    I adore Halloween and everything about it.

    I love the smells of fall- leaves, bonfires, applesauce, pumpkin spice candles, and pumpkin spice lattes.

    I love cozy sweaters.


    Fires in the fireplace again!

    The sound of geese honking and leaves rustling.

    And I am FINALLY starting yoga this fall too! Yay!

  12. The fragrance of wood burning, a pot of chili or soup on the stove and cool nights to sleep....and the pumpkin everything isn't bad, either

  13. The cooler temperatures (this place is HOT!), my birthday, pumpkin patches, back to school, nesting, apples, etc. I love Fall, it's my absolute favorite. And how delightful to have a yoga class in your own barn. Pity I am so far away.


Spill it, reader.