Thursday, October 31, 2013

damaging eardrums since the seventies

I owe you readers crock pot recipes, a WINNER and some gratuitous pictures of my costumed children posing with their Jack o' Lanterns (carved by THEMSELVES this year, no less!). 

Tomorrow, dear reader.  It's been a frantic week filled with emergency orthodontist, basketball practice, a karate test, a fruitful meeting and subbing for a music teacher.

Yep, you read that last part right.  I'm subbing for a music teacher.  Fortunately, it's PreK-8, and the gig involves mostly fun Halloween songs and finger plays for the little kids.  You bet we dragged out the crate o' cymbals and triangles and tambourines and maracas. 

True story:  I can't sing very well.  When I say stuff about "pitch" and "tonality" and "harmonize," I'm really just pulling words out of my ass that I've associated with music--kind of like when I go to a wine tasting and roll out a phrase like "It's a brisk yet flirtatious wine with crisp notes of pear and a saucy overtone of tart--perfect for a summer afternoon" after taking a swig of Prairie Fume.  I SOUND like I know what I'm talking about in music class, even if my singing voice makes small children cry and causes forest creatures to run for cover.

I DID take piano lessons ... a few decades ago, so I CAN pick out the melody for Spooky Skeleton's Parade with my right hand.  And what I lack in tune I totally make up for in energy and enthusiasm.  We're rocking out in room 109--loud, proud and with BIG movements.

Tomorrow we'll dig into crock pots and more inner peace.  Today I'm SINGING!  I'm SINGING!  I'm standing in front of a room full of skeptical seventh grade kids and I'm SINGING! (and handing out earplugs to the sweet teachers in rooms 107, 108 and 110).

Happy Halloween! 


  1. This post just makes me smile. Subbing is the ultimate job for breaking out of your comfort zone!

  2. I love gratuitous pictures of costumed children - will be posting my own soon. And I love your wine phraseology. Did they know that their wine is named "Smoked Prairie"?

    You will be great in the music class. I love the idea of bigness and energy and loud percussion instruments in music class.

  3. I used to sub and music and art classes were always fun, but so far out of my comfort zone. Especially with the sketchy lesson plans - you become really good at improvising :-)

  4. oh for fun!! have a really great time with the songs! You have to have fun in music class. Music theory on the other hand can be a huge pain.

  5. 7th graders can be the harshest of critics, too! Knock'em dead :-)

  6. wait, EMERGENCY orthodontics, OH NO! I am making my crock pot dish right NOW actually :)

  7. As long as you can sound like you know what you're talking about, you're more than half way to pulling it off.

  8. Making music with kids is one of the keenest joys left in this mechanized life. I bet you knocked 'em for loops all week long. Love it !~! And the boys carving their own pumpkins; I never thought of that particular rite of passage but it sounds like a huge deal now that you tell the story. Congrats.


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