Monday, October 21, 2013


 Mr. B, beloved middle child and owner of the soft spot of my heart:  you're now eleven.  Edging past boyhood, solidly in pre-teen turf.  Thank goodness you're only a monster on occasion.

You've got such flair, boy.  From toddlerhood when you insisted on wearing a Batman cape and yellow rubber boots everywhere we went to today, sporting a ghillie suit, you express yourself through clothes and accessories ...

And in lots of other ways.  You're a jokester, prankster, fun-loving kind of guy.  We're rarely mad at you because you're always laughing and sweet.  This works to your advantage.

A dude with a sweet tooth.  The kid who hoards a box of Twinkies in his room and leaves the wrappers stuffed beneath his bed.  The only member of Team Testosterone with a cavity.  Every day you eat at least one Nutella sandwich and an apple.

You love everybody and everybody loves you right back.  You root for teammates, cheer on buddies, include the odd man out, lavish affection on grandmothers and play with either or both brothers with astonishing equanimity. 

A long, lean stringbean of a kid, you're well-suited for basketball and you possess the tenacity for football, the mental strength for baseball.  Coaches like you for your hustle and effort.  We always hear how hard-working you are.

 And that face.  That smiling, precious face.  You're almost always so happy.  When you get the occasional dark mood, we just let you escape to your room and your Legos and your music.  It never takes long before you're a ray of sunshine back in our midst.

You love to tinker and build.  You're slowly loving to read, which makes me so happy.  You're endlessly curious, asking questions, suggesting theories and ideas, imagining possibilities.  Legos, Airsoft, anything zombie, hunting, camouflage, basketball and music.  Interested kids are interesting kids.  And, as most creative people tend to be, you are a slob--you room is a disaster, your stuff is scattered everywhere, you are always looking for misplaced items and you're the last one ready.  Perfectionist and procrastinator. 

And a ham, happy to be center stage.  Girls adore you, little kids admire you, animals trust you, teachers depend on you. 

We think you're tops.  Both brothers lean on you to make things fun, to bring them together.  You're the glue in the middle, we're stronger when you're around.  You mediate the arguments, even out the teams, bring the best ideas to the table and bridge the gap between a nine-year-old and a fourteen-year-old.

Happy birthday, Mr. B.  I love you and thank God every day for the special gift you are.  Healthy, beautiful, funny, loving, smart and generous--God made you pretty fantastic.


  1. What a great kid!

    Moe will be 17 this week. This is what he wants - a cheap mp3 player and 2 cans of Spam. Really. "If I get those, I'm good!"

    How can I deny that?

  2. You got him the ghillie suit!!!! AWESOME! I foresee many pranks being played. :)

    Happy Birthday Mr. B!

  3. I'm a little teary, because I cannot believe he's 11!

    Happy x 11 birthday to Mr. B!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr B, hope this year's a super one !~!

  5. Happy birthday to him! That is some monster costume.

  6. Happy birthday! That monster suit! It looks like an ill-tended lawn got up and decided to walk around, which is awesome!

  7. Happy birthday Mr. B. I am a middle child too and I know what it is like to be the peace keeper and the comic relief. You have a lot of responsibility. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  8. Happy Birthday Mr. B. Life with you must be lots of fun!

  9. Wow! What a charmer! He sounds like an absolute blast. Someone you'd be lucky to know.
    Happy Birthday to your handsome Mr. B!

  10. Oh! That sweet face!

    I love it when you write about your boys. I have full-blown crushes on all of them.

  11. He's wonderful--you can see it in those sparkly eyes.


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