Friday, October 4, 2013

getting spiffy

That Mastermind of Fashion and Empress of Good Advice, Jen on the Edge, gave me some crib notes on how to plot a stylish course.  After taking inventory, I went to Old Navy and snagged a few things, including the cardigan I wore yesterday.  Cardigan paired with a t-shirt and skirt for Bible study and errand running.  I swapped out the skirt for jeans for Mr. T's cross-country meet.  (Yes, my eyes are closed--and you can't see my feet, either, which looked cute in my Merrill flats.)  The only black things I bought were some skinny ankle-length pants and a striped t-shirt. Part of my problem is too little color punch, so I committed to buying color.  I'm still looking for a pair of funky shoes, but otherwise I feel better prepared for dressing casual-but-not-slovenly.

I also bought a pair of skinny jeans which is a sign that they'll fall out of fashion within a month.  I still struggle with the newfangled spandex-y fabric jeans are made out of these days.  That fabric feels unnatural, like talking on phones without cords or playing a video game without a joystick.  But try to find a pair of jeans made out of 100% cotton--for women--and not cowboy jeans made by Wrangler or Carhartt, either.  It can't be done.  Well, it can be done, but only if you're shopping on ebay or vintage--and then you'll end up with a pair of acid washed Guess jeans with zippers at the ankles.  Weird elasticky blue jeans it is then. 


Speaking of spiffy, the shed is starting to look finished.  Dumpster--gone.  Porta-potty--ready to get picked up for the last time.  All the heavy equipment has moved out of our yard and the ground was leveled Wednesday night.  The landscaper will spade a few trees and seed the turf next week and from the outside, this project will be DONE!

Inside the shed we have finished walls and a basketball hoop!  (Also, a lot of junk on the floor, including this huge pile of boxes to get recycled.)

Those are carpet tiles on the walls to absorb some of the sound and add to the general ambiance--purchased from a friend who gave us an amazing deal on the tiles and installed by a couple of the funniest retired guys you ever met.  All that remains is finishing the floor, hanging the hitting/pitching net and furnishing the space.  You can imagine the giddiness Team Testosterone is experiencing.  They've played one pick up game of basketball out here already and can't wait to sleep out here.

The storage space is swept clean and waiting.  Tomorrow morning Team Testosterone has been charged with emptying the garage.  Between flag football games I'll sweep the garage and hose it down.  After lunch we'll put everything away--some of it in the shed, some of it back in the garage, some of it in the pile for the thrift shop.  

There are the water tanks for my greenhouse.  We need some gutters and a greenhouse now.
And a propane tank.  Okay, we've got a ways to go yet, but it's looking more done than it was a week ago.

Progress, reader.  Things are moving forward here.


  1. Wow, girl, your boy's toy room is near completion....on with the greengirls greenhouse. Will be watching.
    Ahhhhhhh, Life IS Grand

  2. What an amazing space! Your boys are going to be so thrilled this winter. Think how quiet your house will be!
    At first I thought the design on those carpet tiles were handholds on a climbing wall... (oops, did I just add to a dream list?)

    I'm possibly still frumpy but Jen is catching my attention and making me think a bit harder about what I wear to work. I love cardigan weather!

  3. So, what's the main purpose of the shed? Storage of large equipment of more of a sports space? No matter it's purpose... it's a super nice building.

  4. Wow, what a GREAT space for three boys over a long winter! Oh --sorry, four boys :-)

    That cardigan is a great color, and you look very nice. I love cardigans, although they don't really love my pear shaped body --they're something so gentle and old-fashioned about them, and yet they seem timeless. I've enjoyed Jen's fashion advice --very nice casual and comfortable.

  5. Are you sure this is a sports facility? It looks like you're prepping to house a herd of elephants for the winter. Throw out a little hay and you'd be good to go.

  6. Wow, I am amazed at the size of that shed. I agree with Karen -- you need to add a climbing wall!

  7. Wow, what an incredible project!! P.S. You look fabulous!

  8. WOW!

    I'm speechless.

    Pete was slightly more speech-full: "That's pretty impressive."

    On a totally non-barn related note: Your shopping sounds great and I'm loving your outfits. Very snazzy, my friend.

  9. I like enterprising people who get things done in a big way. You guys look like you've got your act together.

    I love your outfit, and yes, I too have been adding more bright colors to my wardrobe. Yellows and reds and apple green. I'm a sight to see. :)

  10. You are very spiffy, and the shed looks spiffy too, plus the greenhouse in the works.

  11. Wow! Oh to have that much space for boys and their ball games!

  12. That's really impressive. Your boys must be thrilled!

  13. What a great outfit! I actually like skinny jeans. They feel like pajamas or something. Comfy. I also LOVE jeans from The Limited. I think it is the only store that has regular, nice looking jeans, that fit me properly. LOVE that store. The jeans are more expensive (but they have GREAT sales online) but they last forever and are worth it.

    Holy moly that barn is HUGE!!! What lucky boys! :)

  14. Wow! That is going to be an amazing play space. You look adorable as always.

  15. You look great!!!
    Funky shoes, you say? Browse Amazon, Zappos, or someplace for brands Sugar, Report, Rocket Dog and Steve Madden. Worth a shot....

  16. I solved the problem of weird elasticky jeans! I am not ashamed to say that I shop in the men's section. Their jeans are 100% cotton and no lycra. I have found many pairs at Target that do not make me look like a farmer, construction worker or square bottomed girl wearing boy jeans! They actually make me look good =) At least I and the hubs think so. And so far no one has noticed. Real jeans. Not those weird weak sauce stretchy stuff...I'm sorry but I need jeans to last b/c I live in them all winter! Which here in WI, can last up to 9months...!

  17. Great outfit; I agree with DramaMama above-try the men's dept. Some of us fit better into men's pants than we do into what the "designers think should be a woman's shape" slacks. The building is shaping up-first game played and first sleepover in the works !~! It's all good.


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