Monday, October 28, 2013

if you'd stopped by yesterday

 I'd have invited you along on a walk in the woods with me.

It's a gorgeous tangled mess out there.  Now that stuff (like the stinging nettle and brambles) has died off, it's pretty accessible.  You can reach almost any corner of our property after we get a hard frost.

 I'd tell you not to mind Jax.  He doesn't bark, growl, bite or slobber.  He'll just follow us silently and sniff at things along the way.  No, he doesn't need a leash.  He'll come when I call.

I'd ask you to appreciate how all the color is now at our feet since the wind blew hard over the last few days. 

I'd point out how stuff has fallen over and how there's no quiet way to move through the leaves.  We'd crunch along and pause to listen to birds and creaking trees.  I'd show you the huge doe we scared up--see her run through those trees?

I'd remind us both how lovely it is to tromp in the deep brush without mosquitoes or flies bugging us.

I'd show you that wetland business behind our property.  Guess it was flooded most of the summer, but now it's dried out.

I'd show you the native plants, like the black eyed susans and clover, mixed in with the weeds.

I'd impress you with the size of our trees and how mighty they are, even when toppled by a bad storm.

I'd bring you to one of the best spots, where the creek diverges and we'd stand together on the private island deep in the back part of our property.  Almost nobody knows about this spot.

I'd show you how a rotting tree stump is fertile, all kinds of things can grow out of one.

I'd encourage you to touch the moss with your fingertips so you can know how soft it feels.

Together we'd marvel at all the different ways a seed can find a spot to flourish.  Inhale that damp, rotting smell of fresh earth and leaves.  Find turkey tracks and raccoon tracks near the creek.  Climb over a fallen tree.  Pick up fallen branches and toss them in a pile to build a rabbitat.  Appreciate how quiet the woods is on a Sunday afternoon.

And on our way back through the path, I'd suggest a cup of hot coffee or tea to warm us up and ask if you knew any good crock pot recipes


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the walk. :)

  2. Magnificent for a Monday morning stroll thru the woods; you made my day, thank you.

  3. I LOVE a walk in the woods, especially with you, so thank you for taking the time. You know what else I like? Crock pot recipes!

  4. The wetlands area is super gorgeous! You have such a nice property to walk. xox

  5. I loved your walk through the woods! You're like me ... an eye for the smallest of detail when it comes to the beauty of nature and all it has to offer :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Do those flowers in the wetland area come up on their own, or have they seeded the area with native plants? I think I like that place and the one with the island in the diverging creek the best. I would love to go for a walk with you in your woods and no, I don't know any good crockpot recipes, although I bet you can make up your own easily.

  7. Ah, that was a wonderful jaunt through the woods. Thanks!

  8. Great walk with you - I love the quiet you evoked with your words and pictures :-)

  9. And I would have suggested we stop and enjoy a beverage on that wonderfully sweet island.

  10. I'd love to take that walk with you in person! Thanks to your photos and descriptions, I feel like I was almost there. Good dog, Jax. I never did see the deer, but I heard her running... and the downed tree looks like an alligator.

    My husband does most of the cooking these days, so any crock pot recipes I have are in the books. I recommend Fix It and Forget It for Entertaining. (Two crock pots made Christmas morning very easy!)

  11. I would love to take a walk like that.

  12. I feel like I was right there with you.

  13. I'd have been happy to tromp along through that with you!

  14. That would make a wonderful fall tramp.


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