Friday, October 18, 2013

no fooling

Today I dropped off Mr. B with a large glass bowl full of Turkish Delite.  Everyone we passed in the hallway said it looked delicious and his class was excited to try it.  Apparently they all KNEW it was made with raspberries.  Huh.

On my way to church yesterday I slowed up at a stop light and was amazed to find myself behind this:

 Naturally my mind buzzed.  That's a huge...elephant!  What is that elephant made of?  Where is it from?  Where is that elephant going?  Is there a circus coming to town?  It looks like paper mache --or is it concrete?  Who made it?  

And of course, When can I pass this guy because he's driving the elephant in the trailer really slow down this road and I'm running a little late. 

Eventually I passed the truck and trailer and elephant.  The mystery would linger in my mind throughout the morning.
Imagine my delight when I left my study and turned the corner and saw:

That elephant came off a Homecoming parade float in a nearby town and was donated to our church's kids' area.  It's made out of paper as I suspected and it is MARVELOUS.  (I took the picture to include the spiral slide so you can get a sense of how BIG it is.)

That's Mr. T after his final cross country meet with his first MEDAL!  He ran a terrific race, came in second for his team on the most difficult (and seriously hilly) course of the season.  The evening was autumn perfection--crisp and gorgeous at this golf course--the trees bursting with color and a fine mist gave the entire evening that hazy quality you see in a Thomas Kinkade painting.   Mr. G and a couple classmates raced through piles of leaves beneath giant trees and everyone's cheeks were rosy.  Then the sun began to set, making the entire setting even more glorious.  Mr. T's smile is a combination of exhausted and painful navigation around his new braces.  I'm ridiculously proud that he finished so strong.

Spill it, reader.  The biggest thing you've seen lately.


  1. GOSH DARNIT they gave you an elephant, sooooo AWESOME! I love them :)

  2. Congratulations on the cross country medal! I never could run well, and I am so awed by people who can.

    The elephant is awesome! It looks like it is on wheels. Imagine the pranks that can be played on innocent church-goers!

    I think the biggest thing I've seen lately is either the pile of leaves in our front yard or the pile of papers on my desk. I'd better get cracking.

  3. Yay, Mr. T!
    Your descriptions of the course and the fading afternoon light made me miss cross country race days. SO beautiful in rural Northern Virginia.
    And your church has a spiral slide?! And now an ELEPHANT! How cool is that!
    I'm thinking that elephant needs to be in the Christmas pageant this year. The wise men can bring him as a gift to Baby Jesus. Or you can just hang a sign on the side that says "Camel"... Hey, whatever works!

    (I love that you took a picture of the elephant on the road.)

  4. A very cool elephant! And a pretty cool slide, as well. The biggest thing around here right now only takes up virtual space: 30 powerpoint presentations on the terrestrial planets that I need to grade. 30 just seems kind of overwhelming at the moment.

  5. I love seeing random things like that on the road. Keeps all of our creative minds going, trying to figure out the story behind it. And, sometimes it's just plain funny.
    Congrats to Mr. T! Cross country is one of my favorite sports, and the gorgeous evenings are reasons enough.

  6. I want that elephant in my back yard! What a fun garden pet that would be!!

    The biggest thing I have seen lately-a huge jellyfish washed up on the beach where I am staying, it's the size of a small child.

  7. Congrats to Mr. T! It's awesome that you actually got to see the elephant at his destination. I think the biggest thing I've seen lately is the scaffolding they've erected around the Washington Monument.

  8. Biggest thing? Compared to last year when I was teaching on the east side of town? It's the sheer number of kids reading books. I've got some serious book junkies in my classroom. Grateful every day!

  9. That elephant is beyond awesome!

    The biggest thing I've seen lately is a puddle of dog pee. In my house. It was roughly the size of Lake Superior.

    You wanna come visit, right?


Spill it, reader.