Thursday, October 10, 2013


Most bad-ass word I ever heard:  warlord.

What's the deal with the 13% approval rate of Congress?  I would really like to hear from that 13% and what they're thinking.  Seriously?  You approve of the job their doing?  How's that?

THIS is terrific.   It's my view that we the people need to start taking this country back, one park, one monument, one agency at a time.  We pool together enough money to lock down Congress, set up a perimeter defense and kick the bums to the street.

Words that impress:  German-engineering.  Which would explain my last purchase.

That is all.


  1. I think that the paychecks of our congressmen/women should be withheld until they can come to a decision. That ought to make them come to a decision pretty fast! How do THEY like it?!!

  2. When I was driving in this morning, I heard that one poll had the approval rating at 5%. Really.

  3. Go Utah! Did you see the photo of the man mowing the lawn in front of Lincoln memorial? These are the people that make America a wonderful place.
    Very good, succinct post. I've never been able to master succinct. :)

  4. Way to take a stand Utah! We've been trying to hike once a week, a whole book ear marked with awesome local sights..all closed unless you hoof it in from private property...

  5. LOL, did you trade in the momvan for a mercedes?

  6. The Unicorn Revolution is on it!

    First they have to figure out the best use of glitter in the takeover.

  7. I'm right there with you.
    btw, stopping the salaries of congress would be useless since the bulk of their income surely comes from lobbyists.

  8. I think the approval rate comes from the family members of Congress, and even they probably reluctantly approve...I don't understand why they are getting paid at all. If I refused to do my job unless my boss gave in to my demands , I would not get any money from my company!

  9. What was the last purchase, you now have one wondering..................


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