Monday, November 4, 2013

for your amusement

Fellow admirers of Wodehouse (and lucky me, I found 3 of his books at a used bookstore on Friday--and I've never read them yet!), you will enjoy:

A Partial But By No Means Exhaustive List of Egg References in the Works of P.G. Wodehouse

Catalog/Pottery Barn/Satire lovers, this one's for you:

Pottery Barn Catalogue Descriptions Written by an Aspiring Crime Novelist.




  1. Funny! I do adore Jeeves and Wooster.

  2. Have sent DH the Woodhouse quotes - he'll love them.

    I lurve me some McSweeney's

  3. Maybe I need to give Wodehouse another try...... didn't have much luck the first time around (years ago)

  4. LOVE the crime-novelist descriptions.

  5. I read my first Wodehouse this year, I thought I ought to read one but was surprised at how much I enjoyed it - I'll certainly be reading more.

  6. I love PG Wodehouse, but there are still a lot of his novels that I haven't read yet. Love the Pottery Barn Descriptions!


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