Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm generally thankful for the heavy stuff, like loved ones and indoor plumbing and good health (or improved health).  But today I'm sending a shout-out in honor of the silly trivial stuff.  Stuff I can live without, but the frivolity that makes life more fun.

* Game night.
* Winning teams.
* Watching one's offspring play outside while sitting indoors where it's warm and the wireless connectivity brings the blogs of the universe to one's lap.

* Excellent programming on PBS.  Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Mystery, Doc Martin, Dr. Who...all kinds of good stuff.
* Plus the few good shows on other channels like How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men.
* Knowing a great source for real maple syrup, which results in always having a case of my favorite breakfast condiment on hand.
* Cupholders in the Momvan for to-go lattes.
* Great hair days, thanks to Kristy.
* When everyone is OUT the door or quietly chewing their breakfast so I can listen to StoryCorps on NPR Friday mornings.
* Soft sheets and the cool side of the pillow.  And settling into the perfectly comfortable sleeping position on the first try.
* Hammocks and porch swings.
* Better diversity in our local radio stations--more disco, baby!
* Discovering someone has similar taste/political views/life experiences shortly after meeting them.
* Mail.  The paper kind with postage attached found in mailboxes.
* Birds and crickets and flowers in full bloom and a soft patch of grass without any thistles.
* The smell of clover.
* And line-dried sheets.
* Perfect-fitting jeans.
* Eye cream that works.
* Mascara that lasts.
* Scoring big on Words with Friends.
* Getting the house cleaned up and having it sit that way for half a day before people come along to mess it up.
* A stash of good chocolates that nobody else knows about.
* Eye-candy in movies adapted from comic books and Jane Austin novels.


Spill it, reader.  What frivolity do you appreciate?
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love Words with Friends too :-) Other frivolous - chewing gum, contact lenses, noise machines, and books.

  2. A REALLY good book....often elusive these days! And I'm obsessed with Marcona almonds.

    I have no clue who any of those people are in the 3 photos above. Isn't that hilarious?

  3. OK, I'm going there. I am thankful for the froth that is Pinterest. Surfing all the pins is a great way for me to take a short break from the scholastic madness. I especially appreciate the Humor section, where my sarcastic bent is frequently satisfied.

  4. Another fabulous list. Love it.
    Trivial thanks:
    That first cup of coffee in the morning.
    Staying up late and sleeping in
    A nice warm fire and a little drinkie while watching Survivor
    A Thanksgiving skit performed by preschoolers (mine in particular) that thanks God for all their blessings (with blessings listed).
    Big warm, fuzzy sweaters.
    Soft jammies and cushy slippers.
    Watching my kids play football in the backyard with their daddy (who is finally home)
    Having all the Thanksgiving shopping done

    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Wow...I mean 3d....hello nurse ;)

  6. Ok, yes to all that. But in your beginning - indoor plumbing. I gotta go with that.

  7. LOL @ eye candy. I have a couple of those. Different than yours, but there, all the same. Long-lasting, non-transferable lipstick is another one of mine.

  8. I am also thankful for Words With Friends and Pinterest.
    I am thankful for Fireball Whisky and Peanut M&M's.
    I am thankful for the library.

  9. I like your list, it is unique to you, and I share some of those points. I like snail mail cards and letters too, for example.

  10. I am just about to enjoy the frivolity of binge-watching Brothers and Sisters on Netflix. Also started a Words games with you--scoring big against a worthy opponent is a highlight for me any day it happens!

  11. Thanks for ...
    really hot tea, with skim milk, alone in the kitchen at breakfast.
    a box of facial tissues in every room of the house.
    finger puppets of famous historical figures, bought from the Unemployed Philosophers' Guild.

  12. LOVE StoryCorps. watching The Good Wife on my phone (my current obsession), Dark Chocolate with Orange.

  13. Coffee with real cream, soaking in the hot tub and listening to the birds sing, wonderful programming on NPR (somehow that doesn't seem so trivial but I guess it isn't considered a "big" thing), a glass of wine at the end of a long day, Mucinex medication for my head cold and a ready supply of tissues.

  14. Yeah for winning teams this weekend (Ohio State and UCLA)
    And the video "What Does The Fox Say". It cracks me up every time.
    And lemon tarts
    And bubble gum that makes for really big bubbles!
    xo jj

  15. I share at least half of these with you--no surprise!

    I'm thankful our house has cleared out after Thanksgiving and that I had the energy to do five loads of laundry, vacuum once again, and remake four beds before emptying the dishwasher after they all left.


Spill it, reader.