Monday, November 25, 2013

starting points

* Mr. T shot his first deer!  Alone!  I'm thankful he got the opportunity and took care of it so well--and that he's so pleased with himself.  His brothers are buzzing about meat in the freezer and venison sausage now ...
*  All heating systems are GO here in this wicked, freezing weather.
* I'm glad we got quiet time with the cribbage board over the weekend.
* I'm thankful for three sons who play together and apart without a hitch.  I'm thankful for their remorse after they fight, too.
* I'm grateful to go to a church that talks about God in a practical way, not in an obscure or distant way.
* I'm doubly grateful for a church where scripture comes first and my kids are burying it in their hearts.  God's Word has more power than ideas about what is right and wrong, I want my kids to KNOW the difference, not just rely on their "feelings" about morality.
* I'm so grateful for the quiet time one on one with my sons--time to read, time to talk, time to sit and attend to who they are.
* I'm thankful for a fridge full of options when I don't feel like cooking.
* I appreciate the little ways people pitch in to keep the world humming along, like holding doors open for strangers, emptying dishwashers when not asked, patting dogs on the head in a friendly fashion.
* This post is about starting points, but I am thankful to end each day in a big comfy armchair with a book in my lap in a quiet house.

Spill it, reader:  what starting points make you grateful today?


  1. I suppose the one where I got to go back to bed for a while longer and then woke up for the second time. That was a mighty fine moment.

  2. For not feeling complete dread as my "good" knee is intermittently painful. I know it is the meniscus, and if it keeps up, it will be surgery for it, too....but I have been there, done that, and it is not the end of the world...

    for both of my son's successfully having the women in their just never know, well, until they do!

  3. Friends that make me breakfast AND clean my kitchen.

  4. Aww. I love this. I love to see the little things too. The kind pat on the head of the dog. Love that.
    I am so thankful for how much my kids miss each other when they are apart and how kind they are to each other when they are reunited. Warms my heart. :)

    CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. T!!! That is so exciting!!!!! WOW!
    Joey went hunting with Todd for the first time this year. He is only 10 though so he just had to sit. No gun for him yet. But I was (and so was Todd) VERY impressed with how he handled the frigid cold all day long.

  5. Congratulations Mr. T!!!! So exciting. And yay to a freezer full of meat. It's certainly a whole lot easier than raising pigs for meat. Now I'm questioning our entire farm...

    Ah, I haven't played cribbage in decades. The only time we ever played was when my grandma visited. She passed away when I was a teenager, and I haven't played since. We need to get that game out and teach my kids how to play.

  6. I'm grateful for friendly cashiers that I recognize every week and make a point to go to their lines, just because I appreciate their cheerful hearts. Retail can be brutal!

  7. you said it, DANG it is wintry here I am grateful for a monster heating system in this old house and some of that hot chili I made :)

  8. I'm grateful for coworkers I like and respect. We work hard, and we take care of each other.

  9. I'm grateful for the hour and a half I spent talking with a friend, drinking tea by a nice fire on a cold, rainy day.

  10. We used to eat venison all winter when I was a kid.

  11. A book in my lap and a quiet house. That's a lot to be grateful for.

  12. I work in IT, and we're always very serious about moving data from test to "production"--you have to have a witness, you're supposed to be very careful. I was moving data to production. My witness and I were rushed because we had to leave for a meeting, and I was talking and not paying close attention to what I was doing. After I hit "send" the migration took a long time and I couldn't remember if we had validated a crucial step in the process, so I thought I had mistakenly migrated a huge file into production that definitely shouldn't have gone and would have made people get all kinds of errors and see strange things and possibly affect patient care. It was an awful feeling and we had to go straight to our meeting and I didn't know what to do. Furthermore, it was my FIRST day after my promotion to senior analyst took affect, which made it doubly scary and humiliating. It turns out, I DIDN'T migrate the huge file. So the point of this big story is that I have a new starting point and will never, ever move data to production when I'm feeling rushed.


Spill it, reader.