Friday, November 22, 2013

thank goodness

* The Momvan is FULL of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Mr. B's class was generous beyond his expectations with some people making up extra boxes for children across the ocean.

* Mr. T and I have a new tradition:  watching Dr. Who together on Saturday nights.  It's pretty cool to have something just the two of us share.
* Our fair city is rolling out recycling dumpsters next week--the same size as the ginormous garbage bins each household got a few years ago.  I'm so excited because now people's recycling won't blow all over the place and we won't have to clean it up out of our fields and ditches.  I'm excited because it'll make recycling easier for everybody.  I'm excited because I started bugging a city official about this years ago and it's finally a reality.
*  I scored the artist I wanted for my next book cover and a couple of readers have begun work on scouring my MS for errors.  Kicks Like a Girl is on pace for a 2014 release.
* Team Testosterone finally takes homework seriously--two because they've lost privileges due to last quarter's grades and one because he has set lofty goals of straight A's.  Whatever motivates them, right?
* We're so blessed to have enough land for Team Testosterone to enjoy deer hunting without much fuss.  Bundle up and off they go into the woods.  No driving, no packing, no crazy x-rated deer camp to unduly influence my sons.
*  P.G. Wodehouse.
* Some truly fantastic teachers work at Team Testosterone's school.
* All the major and minor appliances are working these days.  Even the Momvan starts without a hitch.
*  Early snow fell this morning.  The sight of it is better than the barren, frozen landscape we've had to look at for the last week.
* An afternoon free to work out the final scenes of my YA manuscript ... it's almost finished!


  1. That is an awesome number of shoeboxes! It takes me forever just to put together one in time for the deadline.

    Our township started using recycling bins with a lid last year. As far as I understand it, it is a big success. It's easy to recycle - we can put almost everything into that one bin, and then it gets sorted once it is collected.

    Congrats on the prospective publication! I loved "Whipped, Not Beaten" and can't wait for the next one.

  2. Awesome about the recycling. And all the happy kids who get those Shoe boxes!

  3. Love doing Operation Christmas Child! My husband and I always watch Modern Family on DVR Saturday nights with pizza and wine. Good times!

  4. That is a fabulous number of shoe boxes! It's exciting to see all that happiness.

    We just got wheelie-bins for recycling a few months ago, and it is SO great.

    Your title reminded me that I need to get our Thankful Wreath out soon --the one I started based on a blog post of yours last year!

  5. Wow that's a fantastic shoe box achievement, such a good thing to do.

  6. Lots of great stuff happening for you. But DOCTOR WHO!!! 50th anniversary special this weekend. Global simulcast and all that. I will be tied to BBC America tomorrow morning because out here, it will be morning. 2:50 pm eastern, and what, 7:50 PM at the source.

  7. Sounds like you are a positive roll here and that is as it should be this time of year. I am right there with you on the Team not gathering at some skanky cabin in the woods camp to go hunting. Icky old men with stuff we don't want our sons to learn yet... I hear that loud and clear 10-4.

    Great thankful list-you are blessed and aware--a super combo.

  8. I love our big blue recycling bin on wheels (I didn't think I would!) and I bring all the paper recycling home from work each week to add to our own.
    My youngest boy would love to live at your house (perhaps minus the hunting -- he prefers to shoot animals with a camera) and hey, what's another boy, right?
    Hooray for all of those OCC boxes *and* for writing time, too!

  9. I wish my city had the recycling dumpsters. I've seen them in other cities and they're nice and I like it that they have lids, so you can put your paper and cardboard out even if it's raining.

  10. Love my giant recycling bin. Everything in same bin makes life a lot easier. I remember when my parents had to separate the color glass from the clear. We've come a long way, baby.

  11. I love how you just fit writing books into a pretty packed schedule.


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