Friday, December 20, 2013

holiday homes tour 2013

That Jen on the Edge (who I got to meet this spring) is hosting again--the 2013 Holiday Homes Tour, a traditional round-robin-tree-hop for bloggers and lurkers alike.  Come on in and take a load off!

We kept things simple this year, trying to strike a balance between festive and sane.

A little sparkle by the sink.

Drunk Eileen all lit up in her spot where she crashed against the wall.

The wall above our fireplace is bare, but I kind of like it that way.

I can't think of anywhere else I'd want to display this nativity set.

Shine brought to you by my BFF Sarah.

A summer spot in blustery winter.

My favorite Christmas words.

(Ignore Mr. B's project on the table and the boys' blaze orange hunting gear on the porch)

Cards! Candles! A Christmas Countdown Calendar!

Team Testosterone decked the bannister with care.
 Red, shiny, some traditional, some new, keeping it real here at Chez Green Girl this year.  Happy Christmas!


  1. So pretty!
    So ME!
    I'll have to post my house as we have very similar decor.

  2. You have such a lovely home. Can't even tell three boys live there! I especially like the words strung around the ceiling. And the pretties by the sink. And that tree cracks me up to no end.

  3. The red words look amazing in your blue kitchen.

    Also, the blaze orange cracks me up. Only in your house...

  4. Simple & absolutely lovely. We are going to (hopefully) get our Christmas on this weekend.

  5. Lovely. The words hanging in the air are just stunning. I'm wondering if Eileen the Tree isn't drunk, but is leaning back contemplating the words.

  6. Did you buy the words or make them? I'm always filled w/crafty ideas but the supplies get left untouched in a drawer somewhere...they look absolutely beautiful and it makes my heart happy to see them in your house! Thank you for sharing!

    1. DramaMama, I cut the out myself using craft paper and strung them up using fishing line. Up close they look awful, but at a distance of 3 feet they look just fine!

  7. I love your nativity on the mantle and those beautiful red letters! Totally staeling that idea for next year. Stay tuned to see if they make it on the Holiday House Tour 2014 post or the accompanying Holiday Fail tour 2014 post.

  8. Oh Eileen! I love that you've just let her be.

  9. What a great idea to hang your Christmas words from the ceiling!

  10. I'm a sucker for plants! Yours are so pretty. Eileen is the best!

  11. I think Eileen is my favorite Christmas tree ever. So honest.
    May Christmas and all the days after bring you peace and joy.

  12. You have a real American house. My favorite part is the nativity set on the fireplace mantle.

  13. LOVE those words in your kitchen, they compete with Eileen for the prize of Christmas this year.

  14. The letters strung along the ceiling are inspired! Lovely.

  15. I totally ignored the stuff I was supposed to ignore in that one photo.

    You truly get into the spirit of the season--and with such genuine good cheer. Almost makes me want to work on a project and then put on some blaze orange and go hunting.

  16. I think it's soooo funny that you kept Eye.lean just as she is. :D

    Happy Holidays!

  17. I love how you decorate. Both for the holidays and for everyday. I love the colors in your house. You've got great taste. Also LOVE the words strung up by the ceiling. LOVE THAT.
    Drunk Eileen is hilarious. I know it must have caused you a bit on angst this year but I love that you just left her like that. I think your boys (and probably you too) will look back on Eileen fondly and with a laugh.

    I hope you and your wonderful family have a very merry and blessed Christmas!!!

  18. I love your tree this year SO much. :)

    And your header picture, too!!

  19. I cannot believe I missed a Holiday Home Tour. I love the words--I've never seen it and it's totally cool.


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