Tuesday, December 31, 2013

one last thought for the 2013

I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve--it's an overrated holiday for amateurs.  I hated working it when I tended bar, all the fuss over counting down and noisemakers and champagne.  I despise the forced sentimentality of the lists and "best of" everywhere I look starting the day after Christmas.   We never make plans--we never can because half the time we're out of town celebrating with D's family the weekend after Christmas--so it ends up being a night we're invited out, but we always say no, so then, after a while, people stop extending invitations.  On New Year's Eve I don't even understand half the crap on TV--the countdowns, celebrities I don't recognize, music I find annoying--our best bet is to rent movies, but then everyone in town has the same idea so pickings are slim on the years we are home.  And back when I belonged to a gym, New Year's marked the moment that, for a whole month, it became impossible to work out because the equipment and locker room were clogged with people who all of a sudden started showing up because of this arbitrary date.  I find nearly everything about New Year's Eve vexing.

Except one thing.

One goofy, silly, ridiculous thing I enjoy about this day.

I like saying "until next year" in practically every other sentence.  It makes everything sound inflated and important, even the most trivial declarations seem meaningful today.

I won't drive that car until next year. 
I won't drink coffee until next year.
I won't take a shower until next year.
I won't write another post until next year.
I won't go to the store until next year.
I won't do laundry until next year.
I won't see you until next year.
I won't head into the woods until next year.
I won't feed the birds until next year.
I won't eat bananas until next year.
I won't pay a bill until next year.  
I won't leave the house until next year.

So, dear reader, until next year.


  1. i completely understand. the new year celebration is overrated as far as i am concerned. i did however enjoy that poem or whatever it is! see you next year!

  2. I am with you all the way on this!

    We used to go to a particular friend's house for a party, with people we mostly didn't know except for the host. But I always got too tired, and we ended up leaving at about 11 pm. After a few years she didn't invite us any more. I wonder why.

    I would think it would be especially noxious to be a bartender on New Year's Eve.

    I love the idea of not doing laundry until next year! or ever!

  3. Nice. We hate all the TV business too. We never watch. When we were kids we used to watch the Three Stooges and my mom would make these special party snacks. We will try and keep the low key tradition alive as our family grows.

    Until next year...

  4. That cold and nasty weather out there? Sure feels like January already! ;) I did 3 things to celebrate the end of the year: cleaned my desk, bought an avocado and filled the gas tank. I AM READY.

  5. I'll read your blog again next year.

  6. NYE lost its appeal when I became an EMT and saw how many impaired drivers there truly were on the road. It's not safe to be out there so we stay in here and act just like any other night of the year. May 2014 be the year that each step we take leads to Peace.

  7. For my own sake I like that a new year has started. I like the fact that I can symbolically end one not so good year and start off with a clean slate. And I am hopeful, though not filled with a hundred good intentions. I dislike the forced jolliness and the hugs and kisses and the drunkenness, but I did well this time alone in the company of Tyke and Gandhi while millions of Euros of fireworks were shot off around us. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Haha! You're funny. I remember all the kids in school getting a kick out of saying, "See you next year!"
    I find New Years Eve very much overrated. When you are younger there is all this pressure to make it an amazing night. The best parties. A special kiss at midnight. And it never turns out quite as you'd hoped or planned. However, now that I am older I enjoy it more. Probably because I have zero expectations now.
    For the past 5 or 6 years the kids, Todd and I stay home, have an appetizer party, watch movies, have a nice fire. It is so much fun! The last two years we also invited our mothers and Todd's sis and her family. That is even more fun. Last night the adult sat around playing poker and the kids played together and we all gorged ourselves on yummy appetizer food. It was a great night.
    As far as resolutions go I don't do those either. But I do like picking a word for the year and trying to focus on that throughout the year. Last year my word was STILL. I wrote it on a smooth rock and carried it in my pocket. When I would find myself worried or stressed I felt the stone in my pocket (it was almost like a worry stone). It also reminded me of the Psalm "Be still and know that I am God" It was a great reminder for me not to worry so much.
    I still have that stone. And I still like that word STILL. This year my word is BREATHE. More of a meditative word I guess.
    It all sounds a little silly when I write it down, but it works for me. ;)


    I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for your and your family! Happy New Year!

  9. Well, it's already 2014, so I can't make the same joke back at you. I agree with you that New Year's Eve celebrations are meaningless, and to me, are always a little depressing.

  10. The older I get and the more putting on Christmas takes out of me, the less I am inclined to throw or attend one more party.

  11. I'm not a big New Year's Eve girl. This year I went to bed at 9:00, watched a movie (American President) and fell asleep at 10:30.

  12. I just realized I haven't read you since last year.

  13. I'd still like to say ' I won't do the laundry til next year!' ;-)

  14. Do you also like putting "...in bed" at the end of fortunes on fortune cookies?

    It is hilarious to me that "until next year" is the one thing you like about New Year's Eve. I don't like much of anything about any holiday, so I can totally get behind your feelings about the holiday.

    Can't wait for your rant about Martin Luther King Day in a few weeks!

  15. we stay in for new years and fall asleep by 8....
    and I loved your list of I won'ts...hilarious

  16. We are in bed by 8 on new years...
    I love your Don't list...
    Happy 2014

  17. I especially like the idea of not doing laundry... or dusting... or washing dishes until next year! :)
    Happy New Year from a fellow stay-at-home humbug.


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