Tuesday, December 3, 2013

terrifying realizations italicized

It finally happened, after years of listening to my zombie-obsessed children discuss their plans to fight the zombies/survive the zombie apocalypse/play the latest zombie game.  I had a nightmare last night ... about zombies taking over.  *shudder*

I also got the packet for Mr. T to register for high school.

Mr. G wants a few things for Christmas, all NFL-related.  I've already scored a couple of them (cherry deals--thanks, internet!) but haven't come up with Madden 25, the video game he'd most dearly love.  I dug deeper and deeper and learned yesterday that Madden 25 did not come out for the Nintendo systems!  We don't own a PlayStation or an XBox, we only own a Wii specifically because the games for Wii are most family-friendly (*Insert tirade about boys and video game violence and desensitization, etc.).  We've reached a zen balance of gaming and technology and screen time in my house and I don't want to disrupt it by adding another anything.  Plus, PS and XBox have just come out with new versions that will, within the next year, make all new versions of all of their games obsolete, so there's no point in buying an older (and more affordable and more obtainable) gaming system at this point in history.  But Mr. G isn't worried about how expensive the gaming systems are--I posited, "Is it worth an extra $300 just to play Madden on a PS?"  He said, "Mom, you don't have to spend anything!  Santa's elves build it, so it's really FREE!"
F*cking Santa.  

Yesterday I sent out a bundle of agent queries for my freshly finished and newly titled YA manuscript.  I was about to hit "send" on the final one when I realized that while I'd changed the title in my query letter, the enclosed sample chapters still had the old title at the top of the page!

Plus Christmas is 3 weeks away.

I'll be curled up in a fetal position under my bed if anyone needs me ...



  1. I hope your YA novel is picked right up! :-)

    So...your zombie dream. Well I just finished watching first season of The Walking Dead. I have never seen such a violent show. I told Paul that I loved the show itself but didn't feel like watching the other seasons because it's so gory, and that it would be a stronger show without the gore. Then I had a dream that night that someone tried to abuse one of my kids and I hacked him up with a hunting knife. Yes, I think I'll stay away from any more Walking Dead ;-)

    Fingers crossed for your book.

    I'm almost done with the crafty Christmas gifts but haven't bought a single thing. The tree will go up around the 10th.

  3. I would share in your tirade about violent video game and desensitization. People have said to me you can't avoid it, so why bother. My reply, "I am their mother." Good luck on your search for an alternative solution. P.S. We are on our first year of high school and so far I have survived:)

  4. The Stooges (who are much older) spend a lot of time discussing what would happen in a Zombie Apocalypse, and where they would prefer to be. (Target or Walmart, the kind with the grocery.)

    You can purchase a book called The Zombie Survival Guide.

    I no longer watch TWD - zombies bore me.

  5. High school certainly deserves italics. We have one more year before we face this, but I know it's going to be quite a shock to our collective systems.

    Currently I'm on schedule with Christmas, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will last through the holiday :-)

  6. Three weeks, nothing done. Nothing. Haven't even gotten the advent calendar out yet.

  7. Be sure you slide a six-pack under the bed before you take up residence there...

  8. I hope your book stuff goes well!

    I have done nothing for advent or Christmas yet. I'm still stunned from Thanksgivukkah cooking tasks.

  9. Query dust sprinkling over your head...kinda like fairy dust ;D

  10. High school...ugh. We just signed up our second child to join her older brother at high school next year. It makes me want to curl up, too.
    My third child is really, really wanting a PS whatever. Apparently, the only thing kids talk about at school are the games they play and the "live", whatever that is. I'm sure there is a lot of talk about it, but I'm not going to cave. We've pointed out that even if he got the game system, he wouldn't be allowed to play the games his classmates are playing. I will now show him your post to prove he isn't the only poor, suffering preteen in the world.
    Good luck with the new book. Glad you caught that title mistake before you hit send!


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