Saturday, December 14, 2013

these things on a snowy night

make me feel lucky:

Team Testosterone played good basketball this weekend and Mr. G's team continues undefeated (despite two nail-biting games today).

Drunk Eileen continues to slump against the living room wall and guzzle tap water and drop ornaments, but she hasn't totally fallen to the floor.

Eating cookies and popcorn for dinner.

On-time delivery of Christmas packages.

Twinkling lights half-hidden by snow.

Skidding tires stopping just in the nick of time at an intersection.

Five healthy people in our house.

Christmas cards from friends in my mailbox!  Especially a surprise from Heidi!

Muscles a little sore from shoveling and yoga, not bad, but just enough to make me feel like I did something other than sit in the bleachers today.

And now a hot date with Mr. T and Dr. Who.


  1. I love the header picture at the top there, very edible! Our tree has a bit of a lean against the wall look this year as I took on the job myself and entered the house covered in pine needles no one dare mention it's lop sided appearance!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Our tree? Still in a bucket on the front porch. At this moment? I'm wondering why we should even bother setting it up.

  3. All those things sound good, good, good (except the sore muscles). Every day I am grateful that we haven't gotten sick.

  4. The cookies sound good. Hot chocolate would be good with them, or a hot toddy. Not to speak of a cozy warm man.

  5. Oh boy, I sure wish I could come to shed yoga, but I'm thinking that Virginia to Wisconsin is a bit too far for that.

  6. The only packages I've mailed lately have been for my Etsy shop. You are waaaay ahead of me! My brother's wives agreed this year to skip the gifts (because it was becoming redundant with teen boys all around) but I'm not sure that it makes me happy. *sigh*
    Full of gratitude over the successful braking!

  7. I know, the icy roads! You have to have an angel on your shoulder when you drive these days!


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