Sunday, January 5, 2014

around here

Drunk Eileen is naked, still leaning against the wall.  I'm about to kick her into a snowbank by the back patio until it warms up enough to drag her towards the woods.  In a glorious purge I have moved Christmas back into basement bins and organized the entire works so next year is easier.

Mr. G got a life-size Ray Rice Fathead for Christmas, which required painting his room before we could adhere him to the wall.  My old yoga pants are splattered with Harvest Moon (which really should be called "NFL Gold") and Eggplant paint.  The walls I haven't yet painted over are porous as a dry sponge, so this project required 3 coats of paint--a whopping 4 gallons.  His room is huge and I am sick of hanging out in it.  It does look nice all freshly painted, however, and it forced his hand in cleaning it, too.

I could go on and on about the weather, but all I'll say is this:  Jen, I have experienced extreme heat and extreme cold.  Extreme cold is worse.  Even in extreme heat, you can step outside after dark without fearing for your life.  There's no freedom in this weather--we're trapped indoors and every single trip out is an unbearable grind of bundling up and moving fast to the next indoor location.  I despise it.

Thank God for NFL playoffs (Go Pack!) and Downton Abbey and season 5 of Dr. Who on DVD.  The kids and I have plenty to entertain us.

What else?  There have been basketball games and today was the kick-off for wrestling.  Mr. B is going to try wrestling this year!  That surprised me--years ago he went to one practice and came home vowing never to return.  Not sure what changed his mind about it, but the program in our town is exceptionally well-run with a focus on character and fun.  Most kids only compete in 3 tournaments and the season only lasts 8 weeks.  It's worth mentioning that the program is run by former state champion wrestlers and our high school team is ranked 8th in Wisconsin.  So, starting Tuesday I have not one but TWO wrestlers hitting the mats around here.

Back to basketball--Mr. G was on a tournament team and they lost only one game the entire season--the finals of yesterday's tournament (lost by 1 point--so close!).  I was proud of my son, he showed tremendous sportsmanship after a foul (unintentional) that knocked an opponent flat on his back.  Mr. G was the first one over to him extending a hand to help him up.  Then, after the boy took his turn at the free throw line, Mr. G jogged over to high-five him.   I'm glad in a way that Mr. G's team lost their last game.  They've come home from the other tournaments with first place trophies, which is wonderful, but there is much to learn in losing, too.  Also of note:  his coach was among the best coaches I have ever seen.  Patient, never yelling, always explaining, never tolerating ball hogging, constantly encouraging teamwork.  These players ran plays with military precision and passed the ball better than many middle school teams.  I mean, they PASSED the ball.  They would pass that ball around for a full minute to wait to take a shot if that's what Coach L told them to do.  Most importantly, Coach L had them thinking about the game, playing thoughtfully and not rushing to jam a basket and sprint back down court.  Mr. G learned a lot about strategy from Coach L--as a 3rd grader.  Sure, it was a great group of boys playing, considerate and respectful and athletic, but even with the talent playing I remain mightily impressed by how well they were coached.  My son was lucky to play on this team.

Have we overdosed on sports talk in this post yet?  Better to discuss sports than the weather, I guess.  Or the long lines and empty shelves at the grocery store.

Spill it, reader.  The sport you most love watching.  And no, cheerleading doesn't count as a sport.


  1. Yesterday Emma attended her first session of the adult Kempo class, and Rob and I stayed to watch for a short time. I am SO impressed with her. She's so strong! She's learned so much from her teacher --he's fabulous.

    I don't like watching any sport, really. Well, I like to watch various different types of dance, but I guess that's an art form, rather than a sport? Equally athletic, though.

  2. Oh gosh, for once I do not envy you. I totally hate cold weather and yes, extreme heat is better. Plus, I definitely can live without sports. Ah well...

  3. Sitting here with weather in the 30's, which is frigid for us, watching the Pack. The Big 12 represented well in the bowl games, Texas Tech & OU, both underdogs pulling out exciting wins. UT Longhorns weren't so lucky but they did find a new coach, Louisville's Coach Strong; I'm excited to see what he brings to the table. Football is my TV sport but I enjoy watching any school activity where I know one or more of the players.

    I hear your angst about frigid weather and my folks, close to Madison, are heading my way at the end of January to warm up and let those frigid temps work their way out.

  4. My most favorite sport is college basketball, esp. in March!! However, for years football is a very close 2nd. Lately, my interest in 'the machine' that is the NFL is waning due to their insistence that concussions are minor injuries. Ah but so far I have taken no action (this whole comment is being typed while we hoot and holler over the Packer game!). My son is now on the gymnastics team and of course I tell all my kids that no matter the sport, I will be their biggest fan! Bleacher butt at the meets makes me feel old, but thankfully the boys' meets move a lot faster than the girls' meets. Oddly enough I have watched a ton of live and televised marathons and similar running events and I like those too! Hockey, cycling and a few other things make the list too! Oh who am I kidding - I'm a sports nut! =)

  5. As a true Dutch woman, I love to watch speed skating, of course, because we are good at it. The Olympic games will be exciting to watch, no matter all the controversy about them. That's not the athletes' responsibility, after all, is it? I will be glued to the television.

  6. It will always be water polo for me--not that it's on TV much. It was great fun to have my son's childhood water polo buds over to watch football today.

  7. Everyone in Buffalo is freaking out because the "polar vortex" is coming, which hasn't happened since 1994. I remember the '94 polar vortex. It was -50F and Ian was a baby, and sick, but it was too cold to take him to the doctor. I gained about 15 pounds that winter because there was nothing to do but stay inside and bake cookies. Our street was covered in hard packed snow for months. We literally didn't see the blacktop from November to April. The best "mainstream" sport to watch is hockey. When I was a kid, I loved the fights.

  8. Awesome news about Mr. G's basketball coach/team. I love coaches like that. (Can't say I'm a big fan of wrestling... my son who wrestled ended up battling quite the fungus. Eww.)
    It was a rough game for Packers fans today. It didn't help that my niece's husband is a die-hard 49ers fan who kept making comments on facebook. The real winners of that game -- at least in my eyes -- were the fans who filled the stadium. Champs, I tell 'ya!
    And while I hate HATE hate hot, sticky weather, I have to agree with you about the extreme cold.
    RIP, Eileen. You will be fondly remembered.

  9. eh...maybe I think the Noles should wine NCAAF tonight :)

  10. I agree, I much prefer extreme heat to extreme cold.

    College football is hands down our favorite sport to watch - and what a season it's been for us Auburn alum! We also enjoy college basketball - and living here in ACC country, even without cable, we can often find 3 games at a time on our local channels. That's good living right there. We are eagerly looking forward to the winter olympics - honestly, we will collectively watch pretty much any sport with the exception of Nascar, which we do not think is a sport.

  11. I enjoy any sport I can watch in person, but don't mind watching games on TV if it's a good game. However, I will watch every drag gum second of the Olympics.
    I love hearing about good coaches teaching dis the right way to play, vs the way to win. The winning will come once they learn how to play. We've been very lucky for most of our kids' teams.
    Here's to staying sane until we are able to leave the house again!

  12. I'm sorry it is so cold there. I hope you get a break soon

  13. It's cold out. I'm ready for summer. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long winter. And I'm already sick of everyone posting pics of their thermometers on FB. Blech.

    The Packer game last night was depressing. As was Downton Abbey, though I loved it. I just felt so badly for poor Mr. Moseley. Not to mention Mary. Her dad really needs a good swift kick in the butt. And that miserable Thomas. After last season I swore he would start getting better but he is insufferable. And WHY is dreadful Edna back? Ugh!

    Still haven't taken the Christmas trees down yet. I need the cheery lights to help get me through this depressing cold. Maybe next week. ;)

  14. I thought of you yesterday watching the Packers. We were bummed the game ended as it did. I hope you and Team Testosterone are OK.

    My favorite sport? Why, football, of course!

  15. I don't watch a lot of sports. I will sit with my husband while he watches drag racing. And I like the winter olympic sports. I'll have to keep an eye out for my favorite Norwegian curlers and their pants:

  16. I have a fancy new kindle and have set up my blog reader on it. Let's see if I can be less of a slacker in this cold but lovely new year. Since I haven't been over in a while you can imagine my surprise at the first sentence but I quickly caught on.

    My all-time favorite sport to watch is speed skating. We were at the Pettit center yesterday for Lola's first skating lesson and saw Shani Davis! Looking forward to the Olympics.

    Happy 2014!

  17. happy new year..I re-appeared!! loved my book!

  18. I'm an NFL woman; it's in my blood. That said, I've learned to love watching hockey with Amigo. For his birthday, he's going to the Gamblers' Teddy Bear Toss night. La Petite and her boyfriend (a hockey guy himself!) are going along. I expect to hear about much fun.

  19. Love watching more than a dozen different sports on tv. Baseball, gymnastics, soccer, Australian football, skiing, speed skating, ice dancing, track & field, water polo, swimming & diving... The list goes on. Not huge Amer football fans or basketball.

  20. I'll believe you on the extreme cold, as I have no desire to find out for myself.

    As for the heat, I encourage you to come down here in July to find out for yourself.

    I don't love to watch any sports, except for Ironman Kona and the Olympics.


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