Friday, January 10, 2014

freaky friday

Everyone's talking about how COLD it was, but I think the interesting story is this:

Monday it was -37 degrees Fahrenheit.
Today it is +32 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's like 65 degrees difference in a matter of DAYS.


Forty of those degrees happened inside of a 36 hour period.

Also of note:  32 degrees makes me want to open windows to air out our house today because anything over 20 feels downright BALMY.

I'm all about the math lately.  The other night I watched this Kahn Academy video about the Distributive Property and not only did I totally comprehend that concept, I found the guy's voice soothing as I listened.  A math instructional video relaxed me.

Why was I watching a video about math?  To help Mr. B with his homework, of course.

I think I'll start watching their Macroeconomics videos next.  Just for the fun of it.

Freaky stuff, I tell you.


  1. Being the competitive fool that I am, my first inclination was to find the answer before someone said it. I can't believe I remember this stuff. Maybe I'll join you in watching macroeconomics since I really have no idea what it's about.

  2. I know, over 30 here today and it felt SO warm! i was thinking that in October it would have felt so cold!

  3. We are listening to fairly heavy rain fall on top of our accumulated snow. Such strange swings in weather!

  4. yes, the temperature change was completely freaky, and proved the old saying (at least in my business it's an old saying) that 'There is no such thing as average weather.' I can understand the idea that a math video would be relaxing. I am going to see if the Kahn Academy has something on Riemann sums, just as soon as I finish the 15 other things I'm supposed to be doing.

  5. Kahn is the absolute best for any kind of math question. I love him. OOOOOh if I were thirty years younger !~!

  6. Those big temperature swings are the kind you normally hear about in Dallas, TX. I can't imagine having them!
    My boys watch the Kahn Academy videos. I suppose I should, too!

  7. I'll be doing the YouTube 'Crash Course' in Chemistry with Sam this weekend :D
    I wish we'd had YouTube back in the day!

  8. We had a surprise ice storm yesterday (a surprise to me, anyway). I walked out my front door with an eager puppy tugging on her leash and nearly cracked my skull open on our ice-slicked bricks. Was TOTALLY not expecting that. I hate it when the weather is weird. Global warming is my biggest environmental fear. I fear it so much that I kind of side with the global warming denial people because I WANT them to be right! (But I also try to minimize my own carbon footprint, because it can't hurt, right?)

  9. Kahn Academy is very cool, isn't it. I love that guy and have turned to his site for advice with my godson's homework many times.

    Stay warm and keep the windows closed until at least Spring :-)

    xo jj

  10. It was 32 degrees and windy when I ran this morning but compared to last week it felt pretty decent out!

  11. Your weather is just being plain weird! Stay safe in that cold though!

  12. We've had freaky weather in NW Montana too. We had a nasty cold spell back around Thanksgiving, so it was pretty much "normal" for us when the rest of the country went through theirs. Now it's all slushy and melty -- in the high 30s -- which to me, feels colder because of the extra humidity in the air. Chills me to the bone.


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