Friday, January 24, 2014


in the literal and metaphorical sense.  The most stoic among us in the Midwest have begun to crack under the stress of this winter.  Travel agents are swamped with business.  Liquor store shelves are empty.  Eyes stare vacantly out from the thick swaddling of scarves, hats, hoods and face masks.  We tromp across the tundra, heads bowed against the wind, fists buried in pockets.

And I'm writing tripe.

And book formatting is hard.  (I typed that in whiny font if you could not tell.)

I'm digging out from a mountain of words and punctuation marks, housekeeping and snow, but there are a few bright spots.

Mr. B and Mr. G have their first wrestling match of the season Saturday.  Mr. B's very first match ever.  Equal parts nervous and excited about it.

Bumble Book Club gave me a welcome break Wednesday night.  We read Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins.  I recommend it, it's an easy read, but rich and delightful--plus the plot starts in Italy.  I also recommend the Bumble Book Club because they are the most fun group of women--smart and funny and insightful and kind.

This recipe got me all kinds of positive attention when I brought it to kick-off for women's Bible study yesterday, and who doesn't like to be praised for their cooking?

Spill it, reader.  What good things pulled you through this frozen week?


  1. I wasn't sure about Beautiful Ruins when I started reading it, but ended up really liking the story. The characters were really interesting. Oh to be in sunny Italy right now!

  2. I thought of you today. It was 6* on my run not counting wind chill. I had all the right layers to be comfy except my feet. My feet almost died with the breeze running right into my running shoes. How do you all stand it? And what do runners up there do about their feet?

  3. It's in the 40's here and I'm miserable. I moved to Florida to escape the cold. 3 quilts on the bed got me through last night. I'm pretty sure our condo building has no insulation.

    Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 60's. My daughter and I are taking her new doggy and going to a RescueFest. With Food Trucks! And a bunch of raffles for pet gift baskets!

  4. What's gotten me through?

    Last weekend was a long weekend for my girls, made longer by a snow day. Sleeping in was delightful.

    Yaktrax, so I have been able to get out for walks every day, in spite of the ice.

    Also, Smartwool socks. They make all the difference in my comfort level.

    Finally, planning for and dreaming about our upcoming tropical spring break. Nine weeks from today, I will be lounging on a beach and possibly drinking fruity boozy drinks.

  5. Messenger bags made from cozy old wool blankets, a new haircut, Dutch split pea soup, and a job interview. These are the things that pulled me through this week. Of course the last one was challenging with hat hair, a dripping nose, and a frozen face.

    "Do you use botox?"

    "No, I am from Wisconsin."

    Happy weekend!

  6. So that's a whiny font. Now I just need a sarcastic font, me and a few others who are always having to say just kidding or use smiley faces.
    That recipe looks so good. I would substitute a sweet yogurt for the sugar though.
    I probably shouldn't say it, but what has kept me going lately is the sunshine here in Portland. Every day has been beautiful lately. Sorry.

  7. My week sucked, frankly. Huge looming deadline at work, and my daughter is about to travel to the other side of the world for five months and I am freaking out. At least it wasn't raining. That is one HUGE advantage of cold weather--it makes it impossible to rain.

  8. Warm covers and two pair of socks got me through our cold front. I chose Beautiful Ruins for my book club choice last summer. Fun read and everyone enjoyed it.

    Stay warm. I knew exactly what you were talking about when described trudging through the tundra.

  9. That strawberry oatmeal recipe looks amazing. I have a few strawberries in the freezer that would make it very tasty. My week overall? Stressful. I trained the sub who will take my place while I have surgery and then recover. Six weeks planned - my Kindle is full, I bought new pj pants, and I'm ready. I hope.

  10. temps in Ithaca got above 15 Saturday and it was like WOOHOO party hardy! wash the car, walk the dog! back to that zero sh!t now and snowing....this has been one of THOSE kinds of Januaries, like described in the Little House books, hmm? Sounds like a really bad week for you guys out there coming up...again....

  11. No snow yet for us in the UK, just plenty of grey skies and rain, rain, rain! Lots of hot tea and stodgy cake is getting me through. Hope you're staying warm as much as possible anyway andhope the wrestling went well too

  12. Strawberry baked oatmeal? What have I been doing all my life??


Spill it, reader.