Monday, January 13, 2014

three blessings and a curse

Warm, balmy weather--a whopping 38 degrees blew in and I cracked windows all over the house.  Between the empty space now that Christmas got put away and the fresh smell, I feel fortified to get through another month of winter.  Last year we didn't get that little thaw, it's so necessary for one's mental health.  Bonus:  some of the glacier melted off our driveway.

Grinding through final edits on Kicks Like a Girl isn't killing me.  The cover design makes me clap for joy.  One of my readers mailed her edits and the fix-it list is rather small. 

We had our neighborhood Christmas party Saturday night--as always, it was fun.  J's kids are so cute I could gobble them up and the new people on our block blended in wonderfully.  We were out until after one in the morning!  When my alarm clock went off at six, I was sorely tempted to skip church and keep sleeping, but I didn't.  Fabulous call because there was a guest preacher, and he was OUTSTANDING.  Rock Dillaman preached a sermon that inspired, affirmed and challenged me.  The topic was looking like Jesus and one of his points was how people exchange an image of God for one that reflects their own agenda.  So, what does God look like to you?  And how does that match up to the Bible's version?  One thing I need to work on is portraying Jesus as full of grace.  It's so easy for me to be judgmental and skip the mercy and love part.  I'll be reflecting on Reverend Dillaman's words for a long time.  One of my favorite parts was at the benediction when he quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Before quoting him, Reverent Dillaman pointed out that yes, he will use this man's words despite the controversy surrounding his extramarital affairs.  We quote Psalms and Proverbs all the time, right?  Words by King David and King Solomon who were both mighty adulterers in their own right--men who committed worse offenses than Dr. King!  Man, I liked this guy's style and was SO glad I rolled out of bed to hear him preach.

And now for the curse:

This morning we were running late and on our way out, Mr. G opened the sliding door between kitchen and mud room--and there was a huge puddle of fresh dog vomit.  The night before Mr. D let Jax in to sleep there, even though I argued it was plenty warm for him to go to his dog house for the night.  So, we're running late and there's this whole slimy, stinky pool of stomach acid to clean up--we can't get out without tracking through it because the Momvan was parked in the garage and the laundry room was the only access point!  There I am, dressed up to sub, on my hands and knees trying to clean it up--like pushing around raw egg on the floor. But the kicker was the SMELL.  I started retching and gagging.  You know how when one person starts to make those noises, it sort of spreads?  Well, we aren't pukers in this house.  But next thing you know, I'm dry heaving and then, one at a time, all three boys are right there with me and we can't stop!  What a disaster--we're retching and I'm trying to get the mess cleaned up and we're latelatelate.  Mondays.  Sheesh.

After a fast clean we headed out and wouldn't you know the entire county was passing through our intersection and we sat in traffic--IN TRAFFIC on our country road--for a full 8 minutes before we could turn!  When we finally got to school, my stomach still hurt from the dry heaves and Mr. B still looked green.

Oh, you want to know how the dog is?  He's FINE.  I probably don't have to remind you that I'm more of a cat person. 


  1. I would have been right there along side you with the retching. Not a fun thing to find even when you have plenty of time.
    Justgone more reason to stand firm in my decision - no animals in my house. Dogs and cats are outdoor animals. There is a barn full of straw if the weather is cold. Our dogs had their own house with plenty of straw and insulation, they chose to sleep out in the snow - go figure. Cats on the other hand, they go in the hay loft and snuggle in the straw.

  2. Ugh! So sorry about the dog vomit. I practically dry-heaved while reading your description.

    I would have loved to be there to hear the sermon yesterday. One of our own preached, touching on heresy, and it was a little bit like that: the good with the evil, intertwined (e.g., Dietrich Bonhoeffer was part of a plot to assassinate Hitler... which of course is murder) and I immediately thought of MLK, Jr., and how much good he did but at the same time.. King David all over again.
    Grace... and mercy... and the whole business of trying to put others first instead of being selfish and thinking about MEmeMEme.
    When do we get to buy your book?

  3. Oh cats can do their share of damage also, but their stuff never smells as bad as dog stuff. What a terrible way to start a Monday. ah well, Tuesday is a new day.

  4. I'm a cat person married to a dog person who's allergic to cats. We have a snake. Definitely not as cuddly as either of the first. Once it pooped on a friend's daughter, who totally freaked out. Snake poop is not as gross as dog poop, but it's still not fun.

  5. I. Cannot. Wait. For. KICKS LIKE A GIRL.


    You have reminded me (once again) why I do not have pets.

  6. Exactly. Cat puke isn't nearly as offensive as dog puke. That sounds like a rough Monday.

  7. I have to go clean the litter boxes now.


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