Thursday, January 9, 2014

vacation day

I've been around my offspring every day since December 20th when they began Christmas break.  Today it's January 9th.  Let that sink in a moment.  Every single day.  Team Testosterone went to school for 3 days since December 20th and I was there for all of them, even in the classroom with one of my sons.

But today?  Today the schools were open and no one called me to sub and I deposited my brood in the parking lot with a joyful song in my heart. 

Who has two thumbs and hasn't changed out of her pajamas yet today?  This girl!  She's also eaten the rest of the Christmas chocolates and caramel corn and drank an extra cup of coffee. 

 I don't have to work, volunteer, run an errand, do anything until 3:00 and it's heavenly. 

Sweet, sweet solitude.


  1. I can recall days like this. They were nothing but sheer relief. Nowadays, everyday is pretty much like this in that I'm retired, my child is grown, and I'm single. I love it!
    And, I've glad you've got a day to yourself Melissa. Finally.

  2. Oh wow I am so jealous!! we've gone straight from Christmas, to school and an 11 year olds birthday to plan - I'm up to my neck in cupcakes right now for a cupcake decorating party (it's for the girl not the boys by the way!) can I come join you for that extra coffee?

  3. My kids haven't stepped foot in school since dec. 20. Not even today. Mostly I'm ok with it, but man, we have been lazy! Getting back in the groove will be difficult for all of us.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Enjoy the solitude. I'm relishing mine. Until 2:55 pm today, anyway.

  5. But you do have to shower and get dressed before 3 pm. That is the bad part :(

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  7. Lovely! I hope it was a wonderful day.


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