Friday, February 28, 2014

back in the saddle

Knowing I'll start working full-time late March has me scrambling.  I've got to reschedule appointments (including one involving a kid and his bottom braces and a receptionist who is adamant that there is no other time in the orthodontist's schedule other than the morning after the day I'm to start this job).  I have to sort out the household, pound out as many pages as possible for my writing group, read the assigned novels (Crime and Punishment!) so I'm a few steps ahead of the students, and figure out what to wear.

That's right--what to wear.  Spring in Wisconsin is notorious for changing on a dime and the last time I was teaching high school, all the ladies were wearing suits with shoulder pads.   Times and trends have changed.  Besides, three kids later there's no way these hips will squeeze into those Casual Corner pencil skirts again.  Plus if I wore a double-breasted plaid blazer with a handkerchief sewn into a faux pocket, nobody would take me seriously. 

What to wear and where to go.  I've got a boatload of logistics to master--where does staff park at this school?  How does the attendance and grading system work?  Where is Room 212?  Does the staff eat cafeteria food or pack their own lunches?  Will I eat with anyone or will I eat alone?  Who will help me when I get in a jam? I learned last night that half of Mr. D's baseball team will be under my instruction.  One hopes out of loyalty...or fear...they won't give me too much grief.

I had a dream that I was in a classroom with kids dissecting A Midsummer Night's Dream.  When I woke up, I felt a peace.  For the short-term this is definitely where I belong and I bet it'll be a much better fit than elementary school.  Although I think I'd make scads more money developing the Mancake Fathead ...

Spill it, reader.  Which Mancake Fathead would you hang on your wall?


  1. Will Smith. Hugh Jackman. Bon Jovi (of course!) Rhett Butler. I'm sure I can get a Clay Matthews one, so I'll leave that 1/2 off the list.

    All would be great ManCake FatHeads.

  2. Ha I hated Crime and Punishment. Hope you fare better with that one.

    Hope you love the job :-)

  3. Obviously Colin should be the first, but I'd like to have a rotating collection so I can change the mancake as the mood strikes.

  4. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Crime and Punishment? Good lord, you poor woman. If you've made it through it once, I think you're entitled to just brush up with Cliff Note's! Also, I have found that it's not a bad idea to let Dad do a doctor's visit now and then :)

  6. oh wow, gosh, i couldn't stand high school...and yet I became a high school teacher and, well, you are BOLD and courageous :)

  7. 'Crime and Punishment' is a crime and punishment to read. I tried it once when I was young and foolish and it was not required. I gave up on it and never touched it again. There is all sorts of other interesting literature out there. Who makes up these reading lists? Good luck on what to wear. I think shoulder pads are coming back in.

  8. Good grief --Crime and Punishment, and having to figure out what to wear in front of high school kids. I am so sorry! I hope you survive your first day :-)

    And I totally agree with Jenn above --dads are actually capable of taking time off work to take kids to the doctor, and sometimes it's good for the kid, the dad, and the mom!

  9. Crime and Punishment was the one book that honestly put me to sleep in college. College! Not high school!
    Wardrobe - in my school, we tend toward fun, dressy, casual. We dress in layers because our offices are in a very old and drafty building, and spring could bring freezing or dramatically warming temperatures. However, I teach online - it's more of an office world than a schoolteacher realm.

  10. Short term sub job? Trying to decipher. As to dress - black pants, long sleeve shirts in a variety of colors and tons of scarves. Couple blazers. Comfortable shoes. You will do great. And you will be surprised at what teachers eat.

    Crime and Punishiment? Really? Really?

  11. Wow! You've got so much on your plate right now. It all sounds very exciting. And stressful!
    Congratulations!!! :)
    I am sure you will do wonderfully!

  12. I was laughing a bit as I read this. At times it sounded like you are getting ready to attend high school instead of teach it. I totally get it, though. Teens can be brutal, and one needs to make a good first impression. The mention of Casual Corner about did me in. :)


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