Wednesday, February 12, 2014

blessed and cursed

About a week and a half ago I downloaded an iTunes update and this morning my computer refused to boot up.  This is a recent problem for plenty of people,according to the people at Mr. D's office, so I'm warning you.  Mr. D was able to get me up and running inside of 2 hours, but it took THREE of his techs and all of his mighty power as The Big Kahuna at work.  I'm a darn lucky gal to have that kind of technical support.  Who'd ever guess downloading a stupid iTunes update would shut your entire hard drive down?

Still enjoying the Olympics.  I can't get enough--skating, skiing, curling, snowboarding.  What the human body can achieve is amazing.  As soon as it gets ten degrees above zero around here, I'm ready to get back into the snow and have some fun.  Those Russian skaters!  That Canadian freesytle skier!  Those American snowboarders!  And the Norwegians--their clothes!  And Karen, thanks for mentioning this blog

In other news, the books have shipped!  Leave a comment or shoot me an email, dear reader, if you're willing to read and review on your blog.  And if you want to do a giveaway, I'll hook you up with a bargain copy--so, $12 for your first copy of Kicks Like a Girl and $6 for the second.  Is that a good deal or what?  Also, if you read my book, I'd appreciate any reviews on Amazon or GoodReads or Facebook.  I loaded the book info on GoodReads, so it should be easy enough to do.  I know a few people already got their hands on copies via Amazon, if you're one of them and would like a copy for review, I'll still give you the $6 deal.
In case you forgot what book we were talking about.
I made the first batch of ninja sugar cookies today--what a happy surprise!  One batch makes over 70 cookies!  And my dear neighbor lady J has TWO ovens, so Saturday afternoon we'll be pounding out ninjas DOUBLETIME, leaving plenty of time for detailing their little ninja masks and belts.  Yay!

Slowly I'm checking off my massive to-do list while praying for a calm spirit.  Just a couple weeks of this release nonsense and then I can get back to working on something original.  My fingers are itchy to start cracking on a new project.  People ask "how many books have you written?"  That's tough to answer since I've got a couple of manuscripts all wrapped up, they just require some mental distance before I can tweak them.  But I know I don't want to return to any of those projects right now--I'm in the mood for brand new so I've made grand plans to fill empty screens with words, words, words--starting March 1st.

Spill it, reader.  Your favorite Olympic sport.


  1. My favorite is hthe skating of course because we do that so well. Hurray for your book.

  2. I timed my medical leave perfectly - I'm watching hours upon hours of Olympic competition! I can't pick a favorite any more. I enjoy figure skating, but I am amazed at the incredible acrobatics of the snowboarders. And the sportsmanship! Athletes from other countries coming together and supporting each other, applauding and cheering each other - wow. I'm spending today watching curling and loving Norway's pants.

  3. I want to see some pictures of those ninja cookies before they get eaten!

  4. I have a ninja cookie cutter I found at a thrift store. If I lived closer, I'd bring it and come help make cookies!

  5. I would love to get 2 books (signed by the author, right?) and do a giveaway! Count me in, please! And of course, I will write up a review, too.

    How will you manage to get those cookies out of the house without your tribe eating them all?

  6. What cute cookies those will be! I bet you are covered in flour from all that baking, but how fun. Hope it all comes together just like you hope and that you are able to stay calm :-)

  7. I'd love to do a review!

    I cannot tell you how excited some of the people in this house are for curling! And yes, he is totally digging the Norwegian's pants.


Spill it, reader.