Monday, February 24, 2014

giving it away!

Has anyone else noticed an unusual amount of spam email lately?  My inbox is full of it.  But here's a real deal of a giveaway:  my pal Jen on the Edge is giving away a free copy of Kicks Like a Girl over at her place.  Check it out!

Did you know that you can review Kicks Like a Girl on Amazon (even if you didn't buy it there, if you have an account, you can review anything they sell) or Goodreads or Twitter or Facebook or your blog.

It's another frigid week in the Badger State, I'm trying to stay away from the baked goods and wine as we hunker down for a final 8 week stretch of winter.  Those winter Olympians made it look so easy to frolic and play in the snow, but the reality of below zero wind smacking against your chapped face isn't so attractive.  Strapping on my skis this week will require endurance and determination, plus the trail is icy so unless we get more snow this week (and we are supposed to), conditions will be treacherous.

Speaking of gritting it out, Mr. B and Mr. G wrapped up their wrestling season yesterday at a tournament.  I was proud of both boys for trying so hard, never quitting and showing good sportsmanship.  Mr. G's a natural, people always comment on how good he is and I confess it is a lot of fun being the mom of a talented wrestler.  Mr. B's new to the sport and everyone he wrestled this year after his first tournament had years of experience and a couple years of age on him.  It's to his credit that he would last the entire 3 minutes without getting pinned most of the time.  He didn't have the wrestling knowledge or experience, but he was definitely strong and determined.  It'll be interesting to see which sport each boy chooses--wrestling or basketball. 

We're looking forward to weekends without bleachers.  It will feel so indulgent to sit around our house and not watch the clock and not eat hot dogs and popcorn in some high school gymnasium. 

I've written before about my angst regarding career path.  You may recall how I thought I had my Barbie Dream Job (TM) lined up last spring, but then they hired a younger, hipper English teacher who wanted to work full time it fell through.  I don't have a real clear direction on what I should be doing--return to teaching? keep writing? volunteer more?  I've prayed for guidance in this area, for BIG and OBVIOUS signs, but I'm still stumbling around like a blind woman in a maze, bumping into dead ends, feeling my way around dicey corners.  In the last week I've received TWO offers of long-term sub positions, both high school, both English.  What to make of that?  I'm exploring the second offer today and will keep you posted as events unfold.

Meanwhile, head to Jen's!


  1. The difference between skiing in Wisconsin and skiing in Sochi is Sochi was near 60 half the time. They certainly weren't anywhere near the frigid you have to deal with! Be careful if you do go out!
    Good for Mr. B, sticking it out and working hard through that rough season.
    We've had a good several weeks without any sports events. It's just heavenly, isn't it?

    I hope you find something that works for you and your family, that you enjoy, in regards to your career path.

  2. the long term sub jobs sound interesting, If God has not given a clear answer to your prayers, then it is likely you are to continue on as you are for the moment. The long term subs can leave you some time to pursue more writing too, without a huge commitment of time to lesson plans and grading papers.

  3. My favorite thing about winter? No soccer.

    Long term sub positions can be good, yes? You're asking the girl who still hasn't figured out what she wants to be when she grows up.

  4. I want to buy a copy and make you a tiny bit of money. But I would adore having an autographed copy, if you are willing. How can I go about that? Buy one and mail it to you? (Ooh, maybe I could sneak in Whipped Not Beaten along with it.)

    I'm 53 and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

  5. I've found that usually there are no big neon signs giving us the direction we should go in life. Sigh. I know that when my older two kids were in high school, I spent a huge amount of time driving them to their various activities, and teaching them to drive so they could borrow my car and drive themselves to their activities. It was all worth it, but it was time consuming.

  6. I wish I could figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

  7. I fell into my job last year (and in order for it to become available, someone I loved had to move to Guatemala) -- and that's all I know about job-hunting.
    Looking forward to that book, and of course I will blog, facebook, and Amazon-review it!

  8. I totally get your career ambiguity. I'm trying to figure out what to do next year, when the twins are in school finally. My current job is so stressful right now that I don't plan to stick with it. But I'm not sure what I want to do instead. I'm looking.

  9. Not only have I had enough of this winter (Hello, Wisconsin!) but I tend to eat rather low-carb-ish things, so the sweet, sweet pacifier of, say, sugar cookies, is rare and -- gulp! -- usually in my dreams.

    Except for today, when they're giving the lousy things away in the breakroom! Aaaah! WINTER!!!

    I interviewed today for a new job: way more headaches, slightly more pay. I hope I get it...


  10. It's revealing that in a post discussing both career decisions and a book you just wrote, my personal take-away would be avoiding wine and carbs- -winter. Typing this at 6 am when it's 10 below in Minnesota,wind chill about three million. Sigh....

  11. I'm back to say that YES! I have had a huge amount of spam e-mail lately. I'm about to dump my e-mail provider even though I've used them since 1998. (I hate change?)


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