Monday, February 10, 2014

stomach churning but everything is awesome

Reader, I'm breaking out in cold sweats now.  I had a nightmare last night that plenty of people showed up for my book launch party on Saturday, but my books had not been delivered.  I kept dashing out to the curb to see and finally a large cardboard box was by the door.  I tore into it to find ...

a hundred copies of ...

(you really will not believe this)

WTF?  I mean, I've never even read this book, so why would it be in my dream?

So, I announced that there'd been a major screw-up, but to make up for it everyone was invited to take a free copy of Kon Tiki and Whipped, Not Beaten.  Thanks for coming.  I'll let everyone know when I have a book for them to buy.  I opened my eyes in a panic.

My hands got sweaty just typing this dream.  I'm a bundle of nerves, even though two MAJOR events were wrapped up over the weekend.

First, the bowling event that I spearheaded as a fund raiser for this charter school I'm on the governance board for?  Went terrifically well for a first time event.  My team had a blast bowling and everyone seemed happy.  We didn't win the tournament, but that didn't make us losers.  And most of the teams said they'd come back next year, so we have success to build on.

As a celebratory treat (and break from our grind of running and games and practices and winter doldrums) I took the kids to The Lego MovieYou must go.  I don't usually spring for going to the movies, but I'd read great reviews and everything about this movie is awesome.  I totally would have sat through it again because I think I missed stuff.  All four of us were laughing out loud and even my adolescent cynic pronounced it "like way better than I expected it to be--I thought it would be about the hero being perfect and messing it all up, but this story was not at all predicable.  Plus it was funny."  Love-love-loved it.  And the theme song has looped through my head nonstop since watching it.

You're welcome.  Can you imagine that as your alarm clock?  How could you wake up to that and not start your day smiling?

We had our local wrestling tournament yesterday.  We are drained after it--Mr. G took a first (that we're not bragging about as it only involved one match) and Mr. B took fourth (only got pinned once and didn't wrestle anyone with less than 2 years under their belt).  It was a looooooong day, over eight hours in a gym and we all came home exhausted and sore.  Between two wrestlers and Mr. T running bout sheets all day and me being emotionally supportive and working a concession stand shift we came home and crashed like zombies in front of the Olympics.  There were tears, lots of them, and some joy.  It's such a dramatic sport.  Plus, I've been running this show solo since Mr. D's in Arizona golfing since Thursday.

So, next up:  the book launch.  This involves (among other things) finishing the Kindle version, making sure I have actual books on hand to sell, and baking 300 ninja cookies.  The books will show up, right?  And everything will be awesome.


  1. Oh funny dream. Hope the real deal books show up soon :-)

  2. Huh. How do you get a book in your dream you've never read?! That's some talented anxiety :-)

    You're a pro at this second time around, so I'm sure it will go beautifully. Unfortunately, that's not likely to affect your anxiety dreams.

  3. What a great dream....get all the potential problems out of the way in a dream...then your real event will go off without a hitch:) When/where will your book be for purchase??

  4. Maybe a book launch is like a wedding? LIke, some things might go wrong but the end result is all good? Maybe your anxiety will disappear as you bake the 300 ninja cookies? And you wish your commenters would quit commenting in questions?

    Good luck! Everything WILL be awesome!

  5. Good luck on your book launch! I hate weird dreams that stay with you but they just get all your worries out so there is a benefit :-)

  6. Wow, that is a really interesting dream in that the Tiki book came into play. Maybe you saw the movie as a kid. Anyway, where can we buy your new book? Your last one hooked me.
    Best of luck with the launch. The books will arrive. Do not worry. You are great!

  7. Ha! How in the world did that book get in your dream?!? (I don't expect you to answer that. I don't think an answer will ever be found.) I'm looking forward to asking God for clarification on how dreams come to be.
    Good luck (and have FUN) at the book launch!
    Any sports tournaments are exhausting. Soccer ones are always 2-3 days, and with up to 4 kids playing in them, collapsing is all one can do at the end of the day.
    LOVE watching the Olympics! Every night.

  8. Very cool dream. Kon Tiki was about a long journey over unchartered waters. Maybe your book launch is about to launch your own journey into unknown lands.

  9. Kon Tiki? LOL!! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  10. Everything IS awesome! Your book event is going to be AWSOME. And you are AWESOME just because you are you.

  11. That Kon Tiki book is pretty good, you know.
    All will be well. All shall be well.

  12. I definitely want to see The Lego Movie. My boys are so weird about going into theaters though, so I usually have to twist their arms.

  13. Yes, awesome is the only kind of outcome we will accept. Seeing that this was five days ago now I bet the outcome was good. I will catch up I promise.


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