Sunday, March 16, 2014

things of beauty

It's sunny and Sunday and quiet.  I've been looking and here are five beautiful things I saw this weekend:
* My best bowling series ever on Friday night in league:  498!
* My best bowling score ever on Saturday in a 9-pin tournament: 518!
* A woman with the most striking cobalt blue Mohawk and matching lipstick (Jen, I totally thought of you!  Your favorite color!)--she looked magnificent and exotic and fierce.
* Finally, the inside of this little bar by the river that I've wondered about for almost 15 years.  The bar itself was old and warm-toned and carved art deco style.  It was all much prettier and quaint than I expected.
* Mr. G's face sound asleep, smooth and soft and pale and perfectly still.

Spill it, reader.  Beautiful things.


  1. The bar sounds interesting. I love older places like that.
    Beautiful things? Oliver, the dog park, the bench out front with all the neighbors gossiping.

  2. Beautiful things: the SUN was shining this morning - first time we've seen it in a long time. This morning at church I sat right behind a family with a NEW BABY and an adorable 3-year-old big brother who was remarkably well-behaved.

  3. My beautiful daughter turned 26 today!
    It was a beautiful 83 degree, sunny day today.
    My beautiful black cat took a nap in my lap today.

  4. Spring break! Now that is beautiful. :)

  5. I bowled 102 once. Broke my record of never getting to 100.

    So glad you are finding beauty. Busy woman, you are.


Spill it, reader.