Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It's overcast and windy today, in keeping with everybody's glum mood.  Mr. D's team won their first baseball game yesterday, in control and ahead the entire time.  A large crowd traveled the distance to watch the regional match-ups and brought the hometown spirit to the bleachers.  Happyland High started their second game and gained a lead, but then a series of bad calls combined with a struggle on the mound in the final innings ended the season.  One game away from making it to state.

The team still made history.  This group of young men deserved all of the success, they worked hard, encouraged each other, and contributed equally from their positions on and off-field.  They made their mark on the program and a statement about what Happyland Baseball has become.

The future of the team isn't bleak and their loss in that second game isn't the end of the world.  We have lots of goodness to celebrate. Last night Mr. G pitched like a champ and his team won by one run.  Mr. B laid down a beauty of a bunt and made a sweet catch.  I found the stuff I need to start tutoring writing students tomorrow morning.  Peonies are blooming, we landed an opening in a class Mr. T wanted to take this summer and a break in our crazy schedule is appreciated.

Even so, it's fitting to hunker down in sweatpants and stay close to home today.

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  1. And admire those peonies. So jealous. Can't grow them in my state. My mom's in Green Bay were gorgeous.

  2. your family is so active, makes the head spin!

  3. Sounds like a heartbreaker, but only because the season was so great. Love your summer.

  4. Good luck for future games! It's raining here today, which I have to be honest, feels kind of nice. :)

  5. I loved it when the kids were playing with their schools :D miss those days

  6. That is a really tough loss, but they have so much to be proud of. The weather most certainly didn't help the mood.
    Hope the weather finally gets summer hot!

  7. May Happyland High be proud of their accomplishments and return for another chance next year.
    I miss our Virginia peonies -- so beautiful!


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