Friday, June 6, 2014

giving thanks

*  We've got a repaired oven and replaced sump pump this week.  No more bailing gallons of water out of our basement when it rains, no more running food over to the neighbor's to bake.

*  "Little Willie" will soon move to a wildlife rehabilitation center (for locals, Bay Beach Sanctuary--nothing but the best for our furry pal).  I was happy to help rescue him from the potential dangers of the ballpark (see: beer-guzzling softball players with bats, little kids, bicycle tires), but we all know a wild squirrel belongs with squirrel friends in the woods.  We've tracked down a sanctuary with staff skilled in squirrel rehabbing. (Who knew there was such a thing?  Turns out wildlife rehabbing is very species-specific--some places only do raptors, others only do amphibians.) Early next week our screen porch will revert to human-only once again and I can hardly wait.
Goodbye, Earl Little Willie.  We know you'll love your new squirrel home and squirrel friends.

* School's out for summer.  Team Testosterone dumped out their backpacks and are sleeping in this morning.  We're kicking off summer with baseball all weekend.  Mr. D's team is in the Regional Playoffs at 4:30 (3 games away from state...keep your fingers crossed...this team is making history in Happyland!).  Mr. B's team has a tournament starting tonight at 5:00.  Mr. G's team plays in a tournament in the opposite direction starting at 5:00 tonight.  With the help of carpools, each player will get to their spot and I'll sit in bleachers somewhere cheering for our boys.

Photo: Conference champs!
Actual banner hanging in Happyland High's fieldhouse

*  Mr. T exited 8th grade and his school last night.  It was a lovely graduation mass and the 7th grade families paid it forward by hosting a really nice reception in the church hall.  My favorite part of the night was Mr. T's gift bag from the school--a little candy, a Bible, a booklet of class memories and letters from their middle school teachers, and a selection of cards from younger children at the school.  The handmade cards were charming--from each grade and one from Mr. T's younger brother wishing him luck at high school and saying how much he'll miss him next year.  Reading the wishes from the younger students got me more choked up than seeing Mr. T dressed up with a TARDIS bow tie around his neck.  We got a lot of things from that parochial school, but the sense of community was particularly special.

*  The weather's grand, flowers bloom, bird and frog song comes through our window screens night and day, I'm barefoot. Life is SO good!

Spill it, reader.  How is life good in your neck of the woods?

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  1. When you have a family full of boys with lots of laundry, sump pumps don't last so long. I know from experience.
    Little Willie is so cute!

  2. I'm so happy your summer has started! I'm also relieved to hear that you'll soon have your porch back :-)

    Emma's school does something similar with MS graduation, in that each graduating kid gets to pass on one of their characteristics to a 7th grader. It's often a very funny part of the ceremony. Emma was quite pleased that one of her friends in that class chose to pass something on to her. What a big transition for Mr. T! Off to high school!

    I hope you have a pillow for your between your bum and the bleachers!

  3. I didn't realize we had kids in the same grade. How? I'm not exactly observant and I don't have any memory to speak of. Congratulations to Mr. T! It really is a big deal in parochial schools, since most of the kids have been there for 8 or 9 years. Sounds like your school does it up nicely.
    Good luck in the tournament. I'll be thinking of you during our 12 games of soccer (all 4 big kids are playing in our home tournament) this weekend. :)

  4. Just reading about Mr. T's graduation made me teary. How sweet! Sounds like a fantastic school. And HIGH SCHOOL!!! Oh my. Are you ready for that? ;)
    We still have a few days left. We are out on Wednesday but we are REALLY looking forward to it.
    Congratulations on making it through such a busy, crazy, hectic end of school year!

  5. geniet maar lekker,mooier kan haast niet.

  6. Congrats to Mr T! I'm really happy that middle school ended up being a good experience for him.

    I'm going through a terrible time, physically. Mr Sunshine State lost his job (but ended up taking a lower position in order to stay with the company). His mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer AND Vascular Dementia. We are making 6 hour round trips to take her to doctor appointments and scoping out potential Assisted Living situations. To say the least, we a re a little bit stressed out.

    It is making me notice the moments that are making me incredibly happy... my daughter took me to the beach, I am going to visit my Mom for 3 weeks and found out my cousin from Alaska and my cousin from Illinois will both be in town. My daughter's rescue dog is settling in to become a beloved member of the family.

  7. I didn't realize you have a high schooler next year! Savor every moment of this summer - you earned it :-)

  8. Congratulations! Your oldest and my youngest are both headed for high school in September. I didn't realize they were the same grade until now.
    Boy #3 graduates from high school at 1pm today. I've been a little busy this week. Grad party last night (although I'm still up... but at least the house is cleaned up for the 10am brunch with extended family) and the senior all-nighter will be going strong 24 hours from now.

  9. Congratulations all around! I am so thankful to hear that Earl/Little Willie has graduated from your porch.

    The way that life is good around here is that we have absolutely everything that we need - food, clean water, shelter, and love, plus indoor plumbing - and I should never forget that.

  10. Free Willie!

    If the boys miss him, they can always come here. I'm sure to have a squirrel lurking around the back porch looking for a hand out. (Although honestly, knock wood, this year we've yet to have one attempt at a break in. We may have lost some 'friends' in our brutal winter.)

    School is out! The garden is finally in as of yesterday! And the weather has been nothing short of perfectly beautiful here.

  11. I'm looking forward to perhaps some morning iced coffee on either your yours or my back patios for good conversation and watching little ones annoy big ones. :) Let's try to make that happen soon!

    Love the bow tie on Mr. T. It suits him! :) Abby said he was one of her favorite 8th graders...she will miss seeing him in the halls.

  12. I am LOVING that pic of you three at graduation! Congratulations to all!

    And also ... congrats on the squirrel. You've done your time.

  13. Wow! You are seriously busy. How do you have time to squirrel rehab too?

  14. *haha!! ....I thought I saw a squirrel back there...yes, was a squirrel! Well you are doing the right thing, sending him to rehab, Melly West.
    We have had rain in the high friends are all taking "Denver Vacations" to our neighboring state ::::winnkk::: ...I was thrilled when my employer of 13+ years allowed me to take a grant-writing 'webinar'...still stunned about that one.
    The sweet masonic man up the street (I glanced at his ring) fixed up my evaporative cooler...for the past 2 years, I've been stoic. Ceiling fans, oscillating oldschool fans and selective window-and-curtain timing.

    This year: o lovely, slightest precipitation in the cool, cool house at the end of a 90-degree day! The slight vacuum created by the machine sucks the door shut behind me as I enter...
    it's pushing the curtain against the window I have cracked open right now.

    Neat-o ~ !!!!



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