Monday, June 9, 2014

We had a whirlwind weekend of baseball.  Three games Friday night, five games Saturday and two on Sunday.  Mr. D's team won regionals--a first in Happyland High history.  I arrived at the diamond after the plaque presentation, but the team was still clustered on the pitcher's mound.  They were so pleased with themselves and deserve to be--they've worked awfully hard.  They advance to play tomorrow afternoon--two games stand between the team and going to state.  Mr. G's team took first place at a tournament this weekend, Mr. B's team won a game at a tournament this weekend.  I'm proud of how well they both played, hitting and fielding. 

The squirrel is gone and I'm sitting in the reclaimed screen porch watching a fawn trot across the edge of our back yard beneath a pink-streaked sunset.  Life without wild animals INSIDE is good.  It only took about two hours to sweep, scrub and sanitize the porch.  Earl Little Willie has a new home at a wildlife sanctuary.  Next week Mr. T has computer camp about 5 minutes from the sanctuary, so we'll pay him a visit.

Funny to think I felt overwhelmed by the random piles and end of year busyness as recently as a day ago.  Tonight it's so peaceful.  I have a book to read, a short list of things to do tomorrow, and much of the clutter sorted and packed away.  The strawberries are just about to start ripening and I cut a couple pounds of rhubarb to make a crisp tomorrow.  I've got to prep for a summer tutoring gig with three students (starting Thursday) and read a couple of manuscripts--perfectly manageable work for now.

Spill it, reader--what manageable summer tasks do you have lined up for June?

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  1. cleaning my craft room, prepping for #4, and remembering to water my flowers and cover the grill after using it. Nothing too difficult.

  2. June is the best month, because summer seems endless, as it stretches out before you. I need to paint some chairs, but rain is coming, so I think I'll read instead :-)

  3. I was completely harried as late as last Friday, but the weekend, with no commitments was delightful. Sigh.

  4. I am delighted that your life has slowed to a calmer, more peaceful pace.

    I've been using June to declutter and organize, while P has been getting caught up on little tasks that have accumulated around the house.

  5. I joined the summer reading program at the library (yes, for adults!) so I'm working away at the chance to win an e-reader. The books, of course, are the real prize. :)
    I'm glad you've reached the end of craziness and can embrace summer.


Spill it, reader.