Friday, July 25, 2014

first winner! next up!

Tiffany!  You're the first Summer Book Giveaway Winner!  Email me your mailing address and I'll send you The Scarlet Wench!

Who's in for another chance for a free read?  My bloggy pal, Mary Petrie, AKA Minnesota Matron, has her debut novel now in print. 

 Leilani O’Brien is relieved when her husband and four-year-old daughter, Holly, are killed in a car accident. Glad to be freed from a failing marriage and the demands of motherhood—and horrified by these feelings—she settles on suicide as her only option. Across town, college senior Delphi begins to ‘see’ Holly—a persistent image begging for help. Skeptical and scared, Delphi eventually acquiesces to both her psychic gifts and Holly’s pleas, until she stumbles into an unthinkable betrayal and finds herself searching for two missing mothers, Holly’s and her own.

You know the drill--each comment is a chance to win a copy!

In other news, Mr. B has his cast off.  Mr. D's Legion baseball team is winning in the playoffs.  Mr. T is at camp and I took advantage of his absence to repaint his bedroom (which looks GREAT, by the way--painted it "Crushed Stone," very manly color).  Soccer and baseball are DONE.  The children took a bike ride today and brought home a kitten they found in the ditch (boy or girl?  we cannot say yet, but it sure makes a racket).  We've got raspberries, lettuce, zucchini and peppers ripe and ready to eat.  I've figured out the raised bed situation for the greenhouse (stay tuned for pictures!).  We're the perfect combination of busy and lazy around here, hydrated with lemonade and mostly eating sandwiches except at breakfast.  I also discover extra boys lurking around every corner, so Team Testosterone is definitely making the most of their summer vacation.

The only bad thing is I've had knee trouble and I'm still waiting for a proper and thorough diagnosis.  It's vexing and definitely cramping my style.  I'm not ready to trade in my running shoes for a swim skirt and water aerobics, but complications will require a lifestyle change.  Total bummer.

Spill it, reader.  How's your summer shaping up as we close out July?


  1. I would love to read Mary's book!

    Summer is rolling along. I've made my annual trip to see the family in MA. Back in FL We're in the middle of that month where we have temps in the 90's every day. I've been to the beach and the kids start school here in 2 weeks. I'll be back to my routine of puppy-sitting when my teacher daughter goes back to work.

  2. Don't enter me in Mary's book giveaway because I have a copy, that's why! I want someone else to be blessed with it. In other news, achoo! Oh, sorry! I'm allergic to cats. ;-) I hope your knee trouble settles down and you can do whatever you want. Dang it.

  3. Don't enter me either --I've got a copy :-) Fabulous book --whoever wins it will love it!

    Your summer days sound wonderful --poor little kitten. Recently our local no-kill shelter posted a photo of two tiny kittens that had been thrown from a car! All scraped up, but already adopted. I have to always keep my itch to become a crazy cat-lady in check :-)

    Here's hoping your knee trouble is something temporary!

  4. So glad the cast is GONE.

    My girls finished summer school today and now have 3.5 weeks until school starts. Between now and then, they'll be loafing plenty, but also cleaning out their closets and dealing with the clutter in their rooms.

  5. Don't enter me (obviously) because I wrote it! But I love the support and friendship here in the bloggy world. Thanks, Green Girl!

  6. No need to enter me -- I have a copy of Minnesota Matron's book next to my bed already (two nights of no power to our house brought reading to a stand-still, so I'm not done with it yet).
    Glad to hear that you are now a cast-less household, albeit overrun with extra testosterone, and that you have more to tell us in future posts. Maybe the cat is a female?

  7. I'd love to be entered please! The Summer break has only just started here, we're off to a busy start but It should slow down soon.....famous last words!

  8. Minnesota Matron Mary? I'd love to read this! Consider me in.

    More important than that, take care of yourself. I hope your doctors can figure out what's bothering your knee so it can stop bothering you.

  9. So sorry to hear about your knee. That's a serious bummer. But everything else sounds pretty darn good.

    Things are good here too. My back and life in general is getting better every day. And this morning I posted about the blog tour. Thank you for inviting me! :)

  10. I jsut finished my wine-stained copy of Mary's book. It was wonderful. My month has gotten away from me. It was my intent to tidy up my son's room while he was on a month long trip but the month is almost over and I have hardly made a dent in it...

  11. Summer just took a turn for the worse with a broken air conditioner. Ugh. Hot and sticky here. Hopefully they will have it repaired today. The month of August looms for other projects around the house too (more flooring projects) so hopefully this repair won't break the budget.

    Hope your knee feels better. Ouch!

  12. I'm always up for another book to read and now that my summer has slowed down I might even have time to read again.
    We had our grandgirlies from Portland for 11 days in July and then they and their parents were here last weekend for a family camp out to celebrate our 50th anniversary! Throw a kite club camping trip in-between those two events and I'm one tired lady....happy but tired!

  13. I *heart* Minnesota Matron! I'm throwing my hat in the ring.

    I can't wait to hear more about your Greenhouse of Awesomeness. Hope your knee is feeling better, too!

  14. head for the chiropractor, I was told by a medical doc I needed surgery to fix my knees, well, weekly trips to the chiro for a month or so and I haven't had trouble for the past 30+ yrs.

    sounds like an interesting book.


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